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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session Registration Deadline - Noon, June 30

21st Century Evangelism: Questions, Problems and other Headaches
Randy Newman: Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at The C.S. Lewis Institute

Session 1 - Jesus asked a lot of questions. Ever wonder why? What do questions do that presentations don’t? How did Jesus engage people’s hearts through questions? This session looks at the power and practice of asking questions to convey the good news.

Session 2 - Evangelism involves a lot of listening. This workshop will help you grow as a listener and train you on how to use listening to help people find the Savior.

Session 3 - Why are family members the hardest to reach with the gospel? This session seeks to answer that question and, perhaps, make the task a tiny, tiny, tiny bit less impossible.

Apologetics in Evangelism
Mateo Williamson: Xenos Home Group Leader

While apologetics isn’t everything in evangelism, it certainly isn’t nothing! This session will unpack what apologetics is, why it's useful in evangelism and how to use it when sharing your faith.

Bridging the Gulf: Christ in Contemporary Culture
Conrad Hilario: Xenos Pastor

Fifty years ago, Francis Schaeffer wrote, The God Who is There. In it, Shaeffer predicted the groundswell of Postmodern thought in the West. And he laid out a pattern for Christians to remain culturally relevant in an ever-changing world. Join us as we examine ways to share Christ in contemporary culture.

Catching Little Foxes (Song 2:15): Quitting Pornography Under Grace
Joel Hughes: Professor of Psychology and Elder at NeoXenos, Stow, OH

The pervasive porn proliferation is robbing people of romance, intimacy and the harvest of joy and delight that God intended. Fortunately, God has provided us with everything we need to expel porn from our lives. In this session, I’ll introduce a practical, effective approach to quitting pornography from my new book, Kicking the Habit. This session is for those who want to quit as well as leaders who want to guide them to freedom.

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Christ's Compassion: A Revolutionary Apologetic
Lindsey Tobin: Xenos Home Group Leader

Today, we often take for granted that compassion is a virtue — it wasn’t always this way. Christ’s life and teaching were more counter-cultural than many give him credit.  Regardless, His compassion left a divine impact cascading through human history.

The Christian Devotional Life
Ben Foust: Xenos Pastor

As Christian workers, when we get caught up in the busyness of life, often the first thing to go is our quality time spent alone with God and His Word. But this is a great mistake! Our devotional life is our foundation for daily living.  In this workshop, we will explore what the Bible has to say about our “secret” life with God. We will also highlight some practical ideas for working toward a devotional life that is flexible, realistic and rewarding.

Created for Good: Restoring Hope in Our Christian Lives
Brian Adams: Xenos Student Ministries Staff; Katie Adams: Xenos Home Group Leader

Many people's Christian lives are dominated by fear and anxiety. They feel destined to be ineffective for God, dominated by sin, etc. In this workshop, we will examine Scripture's truth that God has created us for good, how we can overcome unhealthy fear and how to cultivate a healthy respect for the God who leads us to abound in hope.

Creative Leadership
John Ross: Xenos Staff

Join us for an interactive look at how to solve problems, meet needs and improve the spiritual health of disciples, churches and non-believing friends. Come ready to share and discuss.

Evangelism Insights from Francis Schaeffer
Josh Benadum: Xenos Student Ministries Staff

The God Who is There, by Francis Schaeffer is one of the most influential Christian books of the previous century. Schaeffer's insights into the thought and trajectory of western culture are almost prophetic and present a paradigm for presuppositional apologetics to a changing but increasingly lost world. In a post-modern, post-Christian society the gospel begins, "there is a God who is actually there." This workshop will outline Schaeffer's most famous work and engage key insights still applicable to our mission today.

Evidence of Evil
J. Warner Wallace: Cold-Case Detective and Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Why would an all-powerful, all-loving God allow evil to occur in the universe? Why doesn’t He stop it? In this session, J. Warner Wallace will provide a template to explain and respond to the “problem of evil.”

Freedom from the Guilt and Shame Trap
Sara Bott: Xenos Home Group Leader

Guilt and Shame can be paralyzing to the life of the believer. Even after we learn the truth about who we are, the battle rages on. God offers freedom through a new perspective on our identity.  Do we have the right armor to stand against the trap of guilt and shame?  Come learn how to appropriate the truth that God has made us unashamed and acquitted!

When God Doesn't Seem There
Lee Campbell: Xenos Biblical Counselor

During hard times or over long periods, we may desire God but He doesn’t seem to show up. Perhaps doubt or apathy grows. We might think, “Is He really there?” or “Is He really with me?”  Let’s explore this issue together in a wide-ranging look at God, His revelations and life.

The God Who Is There in Conflict
Bev DeLashmutt: Xenos Biblical Counselor

God often seems silent when we are in conflict with others. We pray, we try to apply his principles - but too often we don't make progress in resolving the issues. Come learn how very present He is, how powerfully He wants to work in our conflicts and how to recognize both.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Use and Misuse of Presuppositions in Apologetics
Dennis McCallum: Lead Xenos Pastor

Properly understood, internal consistency between people's starting points and their conclusions is one of the most powerful arguments for the biblical worldview, and against virtually all alternatives. But in the hands of extremists, this approach is needlessly restrictive and gets a bad name.

Too Good to be False
Tom Gilson: Senior Editor for, The Stream, Online Christian News & Commentary

In this session we will discuss Jesus’ moral excellence as presented in the Gospels.  Hopefully, you too will come away from this session with a deeper, more confident understanding of how Jesus is too unique and too outstanding, to be the literary product of a “distressed faith community,” as skeptics say.

Good Friends are Hard to Find
Patrice McCormac: Xenos Home Group Leader

Our western culture, which prizes self-sufficiency and autonomy, undermines our ability to have enriching, connected friendships and leaves people feeling isolated and lonely.  In a recent article in the New York Times, Dr. Jeremy Nobel, founder of the UnLonely Project and faculty member in primary care at Harvard Medical School said, "Loneliness won't just make you miserable - it will kill you."   Because people are made in God’s image, there is a desire for intimate friendships. These close friendships are hard to find. Where have we gone wrong? 

Growing Your Motivation for Evangelism 
Scott Risley: Xenos Pastor

Do you wish you had a stronger desire to share your faith? Do you feel like evangelism is more of a duty than a privilege?  Are you cynical when someone refers to evangelism as "the unexpected adventure”?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the workshop for you! Find a new and better motivation as we study God's heart and God’s part in evangelism, along with the blessings you'll experience as you learn to step out under grace to share your faith.

And He Is Not Silent: The Grace of God Speaking
Christine Deken: Xenos Home Group Leader

Francis Schaeffer wrote, “The infinite-personal God is there, but also He is not silent; that changes the whole world.” In this session, we’ll reflect on the grace God has shown us by speaking His Word and review the many truths we grasp because He has revealed them. Finally, we’ll consider the implications and appropriate response to His speaking in the hope that we’ll develop a deeper appreciation of His grace and a practical priority for His Word.

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Interlocking: An Overlooked Evidence for the Historical Reliability of the New Testament
James Rochford: Xenos Pastor

Is the New Testament just a myth or are there good reasons to believe that it is a historically credible account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection? In this session, we will explore an often overlooked evidence for the reliability of the New Testament: interlocking. “Interlocking” occurs when two independent sources resolve one another’s historical difficulties without meaning to—what some scholars have called “undesigned coincidences.”

Jesus: Just Another Messianic Pretender or the True Messiah?
Eric Chabot: CJF Ministries Midwest Representative and Director and Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance at The Ohio State University

All Christians say Jesus is the Savior of the world. But is Jesus the Jewish Messiah of both Israel and the nations? Is Jesus just another messianic figure in the first century who had a following? What does it mean for Christians to say Jesus is the “Messiah?”

To Judge or Not to Judge
Pat Reeder: Xenos Equipping Director

Often in discussions of the problem of evil (why God allows suffering), skeptics complain about both (a) God’s judgment and (b) God’s apparent lack of intervention.  I will argue that we cannot get rid of (a) and still complain about (b) (or vice-versa).  I will also outline a biblical model for how to understand these issues, addressing how to interact effectively and graciously with someone who takes up the skeptic's position.

The Judgments of God and Why They Matter
Gary DeLashmutt: Lead Xenos Pastor

Many Christians are either embarrassed by God's judgment or have an accurate-but-inadequate understanding of God's judgment.  This workshop will explore the many ways in which God judges, how God's judgment provides a superior basis for opposing evil and how God's judgment fortifies our Christian lives to serve God for a lifetime.

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The Opioid Crisis and the Church
Dave Sayers: Recovery Ministry Director – Real Life Ministries, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho                            Denise Sayers: Recovery Coach in Celebrate Recovery

This session will include a sobering look at the crisis and effects of the Opioid Epidemic on families and society as a whole.  Dave and his wife, Denise are both recovering addicts/alcoholics who have encountered the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. They will share their personal experiences walking alongside addicts and discuss the clinical treatment options currently available.

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Our Part in Evangelism
Chris Risley: Xenos Biblical Counselor

Evangelism is intimidating, but there is a lot we can do to spiritually prepare ourselves to be strong witnesses for Jesus.  This workshop will cover topics like how to pray about evangelism, how we can model authentic Christianity, what role the Body of Christ plays in our evangelism, and what role Satan plays too. There will be some practical tips, but this workshop hopes mostly to get you excited about the prospect of taking the risk of being a spokesman for God.

Overcoming Anger and Bitterness
Joey Francisco: Xenos Home Group Leader

“The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James 1:20).  Most people think of anger in a one-dimensional way: an externalized outburst of highly charged, often irrational emotion.  The majority of people have enough self-control to avoid this.  However, for many, anger is a non-stop internal boiling that can morph into an enslaving attitude of bitterness, hatred and resentment.  Where do struggles with anger come from?  Is there a healthy way to express my thoughts?  What would it be like for God to provide freedom?  We’ll use this workshop to explore these questions.

The Person of Jesus: A Three-part Breakout Session
presented by seeJesus Ministries 

Many Christians are so aware of Jesus’ divinity that they have forgotten He’s also a man. They love Him but know little about what He’s like as a person.

Session 1 - Seeing His Compassion:  Come and rediscover the beauty of Jesus’ compassion through this interactive exploration of Scripture. Together, we will see how His love for us leads us to love others in the same way.

Session 2 - The Missing Person of Jesus

Session 3 - Loving Anger

Preserving the Unity in Your Community
Mary Beth Gladwell: Xenos Home Group Leader

We are told to be aware of the tactics of God's enemy when it comes to the precious gift we have of true community. Satan is unrelenting in his assault on our unity!  This breakout session will focus on both the obstacles to unity and steps that can be taken to protect and deepen the unity God says is our birthright as His children.

The Return of Our King
Chris Hearty: Xenos Pastor

The Christian hope in the return of Christ is a bedrock of our faith. We long for the great day of promise when we will be with our Lord. Scripture is far from silent on this event, though some details can be difficult to piece together. What can we expect? There are 260 chapters in the New Testament and over 300 references to the Second Coming. This class will investigate some of the many details given to us in Scripture regarding the return of our King.

Satan Is on Your Leadership Team
Ryan Weingartner: Xenos Schools, Jr. High Bible Instructor

The unity of a leadership team is one of the key factors for home church success. Satan is aware of how spiritual unity can manifest God's power and will do all he can to attack that unity. This workshop will provide insight into his most common tactics and how we can have a counter defense against his schemes.

Does Science Contradict Christianity?
Kate Mizelle: Xenos Class Instructor

Many argue that our progress in modern science has made God and therefore, Christianity, irrelevant.  Peter Atkins said, "Science and religion cannot be reconciled." Does that mean that modern science makes atheism the only intellectually tenable position? This workshop will seek to examine these claims and look at what conclusions some of the recent advances in science lead us towards.

Suffering: Pastoral Care or Apologetics?
Pat Reeder: Xenos Equipping Director

When confronted with the problem of pain and suffering, Christians are often baffled about when its time to articulate a biblical answer and when it’s time to simply listen and show compassion.  This workshop will practically explore when and how to offer the Bible’s take on this vexing aspect of the human experience.

Teaching Apologetics to Teens
Brad Dufault: Xenos Student Ministries Staff

Teenagers face challenges to their faith daily. Unfortunately, many are woefully unprepared for the mental battle, as the rate of attrition of young adults in the American church shows.  Students need a robust defense of the faith.  This workshop will discuss: 1) why it is essential to teach apologetics to teens, 2) what content should be covered at what age and 3) how to overcome barriers to teaching apologetics to younger learners.

Trinity Basics for Spiritual Conversations
Dave Schutter: Pastor, Northwest Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ohio

In our world of diverse religions, Christians happily confess faith in God (the Trinity). Our evangelistic conversations will improve as we gain a Biblical understanding of God as the Trinity.  This workshop will promote confidence in talking about the Trinity as good news with our friends and identify some evangelistic pitfalls by reflecting on some questions people ask about the (Triune) God that we worship!

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Uniformity & Diversity in Ministry
Gary DeLashmutt: Lead Xenos Pastor

Some churches tend to focus on what all Christians should do; other churches tend to focus on the unique gifts and ministries each Christian has.  What does the Bible teach about ministry uniformity and diversity?  How does insufficient ministry uniformity or diversity negatively affect the ethos and fruitfulness of a church?  What does a healthy tension in this area look like?

The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Liz Sweet: Xenos Class Instructor

Whether it is standing in line or waiting for our circumstances to change, most of us do not wait well.  We tend to be demanding and impatient; at times, we may even lose hope. Yet, Isaiah 40: 31 says, “Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.” In this session, we will explore the idea of waiting, consider what it might look like to trust God more fully and gain strength while waiting.

What was Meant for Evil, God Uses for Good
Joke van Opstal: Advisor for the indigenous-led Fountain of Hope in Cambodia

Only the God of the Bible can take a person's harmful intentions and use them for our good, to accomplish His purposes. In Cambodia, many of us have gone through suffering and hard times.  Like us, you may ask, where is God and why did He not stop it?  We will discuss biblical truth around this topic, along with my personal experiences and testimony.

Winning Men in a Culture of Passivity
Doug O'Malley: Xenos Staff

Young men are struggling with passivity in our culture and the church is no exception!  Even men who may be able to succeed in academics and careers seem to be unable to build a personal ministry.  It is becoming more difficult to persuade men to seriously follow God.  This session will look at some of the causes and also offer some ideas on how to motivate men to follow God wholeheartedly!