Rediscovering Community July 16&17, 2021

Breakout Schedule


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  Leading through Uncertainty: Lessons from Nehemiah by Shane Coulter Times of crisis, fear and uncertainty present unique challenges and opportunities for servant leaders. We will be considering Nehemiah's example and discussing how we too can be bold, faithful and loving in the midst of overwhelming and uncertain times.
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  Who is My Neighbor in the Global Village? by Jim Leffel This workshop unpacks the parable of the Good Samaritan for the church today, applying it to the priorities of Dwell Global Partnerships. We'll describe this parable in contrast to religious and secular teaching on human suffering and how biblical missions addresses the spiritual and social crises of our day. These principles will be illustrated from key Christian movements in church history and initiatives from our partnerships with indigenous ministries.
  Entering God's Rest by Chris Risley The promise of God's rest is appealing but can be surprisingly difficult to understand and experience. This workshop explores the idea of God's rest using passages like Hebrews 3-4 and Matthew 11, examines how to recognize if we are or are not experiencing it and provides help for leading others into this blessing from God.
  A Gentle Answer, Part 2 by Scott Sauls In a defensive and divided era, how can followers of Jesus reveal a better way of living, one that loves others as God loves us? How can Christians be the kind of people who are known, as Proverbs puts it, to "turn away wrath?" This talk will help believers become people of "a gentle answer" in a politically, relationally, and culturally fractured world.
  True Freedom by Gary DeLashmutt Americans universally value human freedom but often disagree deeply about what freedom is. This workshop compares and contrasts the biblical view of freedom with the more commonly accepted secular view of freedom.
  The Confluence of Character and Competence in Leadership by Josh Benadum Leadership and character are related, but they are not the same. This workshop dives into how Christ-like character and leadership are connected and seeks to demonstrate how pursuing Christ-like character should lead to greater effectiveness in serving God.
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  It is Not Good for Man to be Alone: A Study of Elijah by Scott Risley God sent Elijah out into the wilderness, by himself, under desperate circumstances. God used this time and it had a profound impact on Elijah's view of reality and his spiritual state. Join us for a study in 1 Kings 17-19 of a man who went from quarantine to intensive ministry, to rejoining the pack.
  United for a Purpose        by Kate Mizelle Do we recognize that the biblical call to evangelism is not just an individual call, but a corporate call? To fully embrace what God intended, we must understand the unique witness that the corporate body has to a lost world and why our best experience of community comes when we are focused together on those outside of it. We will also brainstorm some practical ideas on how to utilize community in evangelism.
  Discipling High School Students by Doug O'Malley Making disciples from the Gen Z age bracket can be confusing yet, Jesus still calls us to do it. The gospel has always found a way to break through with each generation. This session will look into the unique barriers to discipling high school students today, as well as practical ideas for how to do it well.
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