Current TEDS Columbus Students

Login at myTIU and register yourself for any course at our extension site using the dashboard.

You can also register here if you have your student ID #. If you pursue this option, you will get a confirmation email for filling out the registration request, but no confirmation that you have been officially enrolled.

New Students

This is required for both students who are auditing or taking the class for seminary credit.

  1. Please fill out the visiting student application or apply for a specific program.
    • Students wishing to register for classes beginning soon, should apply as initially as a visiting student in order to begin taking classes for credit immediately.
    • Auditors must specify themselves as non-credit students.
  2. Please send in your college transcripts (not applicable to auditors) to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield.
  3. Please wait to receive your student information needed in order to register for a specific course through myTIU.
    • Credit students should follow the above instructions for current TEDS students.
    • Auditors must use a separate link to register here.


Tuition is now paid directly to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School using the dashboard when logged in at myTIU. You can pay using a credit card online or send a check directly. Payment is due before the day of class at incursion of late fees.

  • Auditor: multiply the number of credit hours by $80
  • Trinity Credit: multiply number of credit hours by $450

If you are attending a different seminary, check with your institution to see if they will accept one of our courses as transfer credit.