Xenos Summer Institute

Christ Over All

The Gospel Over Politics
by Ryan Lowery
Searching for Wisdom
Proverbs 1:1-7 by Conrad Hilario
Re-Created for Relationship
Genesis by Dwight Smith
Re-Created for Mission
by Dwight Smith
Save the Date: The Wedding Feast of the Lamb
Revelation 19:1-9 by Scott Risley
Christ over Illness
by Dave Schutter
Christ over the Natural
by Mike Sullivan
Christ over Your Child's Character
by Mary Beth Gladwell
The Eternal Weight of Glory
by Gary DeLashmutt
Jesus Versus Trauma
by Greg Schad
The Lost Virtue of Gratitude
by James Rochford
Making the Most of the Early Stages of Marriage
by Joey Francisco and Lauren Francisco
Our Temporary Residence
by Chris Hearty
Teaching Kids about the Father
by Paul Alexander
The Ways of Knowing
by Jim Leffel
The Whole World for Christ
by Gianfranco Casassa
Why and How to Memorize Scripture
by Ryan Weingartner