Xenos Summer Institute

God's Living Word

The Death of Truth Revisted
Amos 8:11-13 by Jim Leffel
Understanding for the Simple
Psalms 119 by D. A. Carson
The Primary Responsibility of Busy Leaders
Deuteronomy 17:14-20 by D. A. Carson
Christ, The Living Word
by Ryan Lowery
Creative Leadership
by James Rochford
God's Calling
by Joke van Opstal
Good Friends are Hard to Find
by Patrice McCormac
An Invitation to Covet
by Dave Schutter
Leading Corporate Prayer
by Joey Francisco
Legacy of Sand
by Pat Reeder
The Lost Virtue of Gratitude
by James Rochford
A Loving Life: Part 2 - Dying to Love
by seeJesus Ministries
Making the Bible Clear to Youth
by Brad DuFault and Brian Runk
Ministering Because I Matter
by Mateo Williamson
Sharing Your Faith with Parents
by Liz Sweet and Nina Hoyt
The Value of "Small" Studies
by Cathy Treyens
The Word on Women
by Kate Mizelle