Xenos Summer Institute

Love: The Mark of a Christian

God is Love
by Jim Leffel
Guard the Truth
by Larry Crabb
Sacrifice - Die First!
by Clive Calver
Receiving and Giving God's Love
by Gary DeLashmutt
Evangelism - Heart Issues and Practices
by Phil Franck and Sherri Fojas
Exploring Eternity (Part 1)
by James Rochford
Humility and Love
by Lee Campbell
The Life of Watchman Nee
by Mike Sullivan
Love Can be Polarizing
by Chris Risley
Love - Labor, Joy and Glory
by Lindsey Tobin
Loving Individuals with Disabilities
by Danielle Shaffer and Carol Tufano
A Loving Life
by seeJesus Ministries
Loving Our Cities
by Randy Chestnut
The "Me" Syndrome
by Clive Calver
Motivating Disciples to Become Faithful Evangelists
by Catrina Feeney and Doug Patch
Praying for Stuck Christians
by Gary DeLashmutt
Sharing Jesus with Hindus
by Danny Walker and Cheryl Walker
The 6:8 Assignment
by Derek Sanford
What Makes a Man?
by Joey Francisco