What's the Role of a Dwell Elder?

New Testament Elders are drawn from the most spiritually mature people in the church (thus the term presbuteros, or older one). We take this to mean older spiritually or more mature. We do not believe that the physically older are necessarily suited to eldership.

Elders need to also be suited to oversee the ministry of the church. The term episcopos means overseer, and this describes the work of elders. They manage the operation of ministries in Dwell, the flow of funds, and our doctrinal position. Elders organize and direct the church’s structures.

Leading Financial Stewardship in a Home Group

Financial stewardship is a central area of Christian living. Authorities on scripture claim that Jesus taught more on money than any other subject. The epistles also teach often on giving, including strong language warning against refusal to give. Generous Giving is presented in the same light as learning scripture, preaching, earnestness for God, and practicing Christian love: "But just as you abound in everything, in faith and utterance and knowledge and in all earnestness and in the love we inspired in you, see that you abound in this gracious work also" (2 Corinthians 8:7).

Leadership Team Building

Dwell home churches are led by teams. This offers a number of advantages, but can cause problems as well. A successful home Church must maintain the unity of its leaders. Disunited teams usually can't lead home church growth and the strength of relationships among leaders directly affects meeting quality. Strong groups nearly always have skilled encouragers and visionaries on board with the maturity to work as a team. For these reasons, it is essential that home church leaders learn to deal with conflicts maturely and quickly.

Vision and Christian Leadership

What is vision?

Vision has always been considered an important component in leadership, both in Christian and secular circles. The term usually refers to the ability leaders have to form a plan for the future and to get others excited about their plan. Often, leaders have less a plan, but more of a simple picture of a possible future, and let people sort out the action steps toward that more general picture.

Leading When You're Not a Gifted Leader

As an unquestioned, effective leader in Xenos who has planted multiple home churches and raised up several other important leaders, Gary DeLashmutt commands immediate credibility. Yet this leader is one who does not feel strongly gifted in leadership. These are Gary's notes from his lecture on the subject of learned, rather than natural, or charismatic, leadership. He gave this lecture to home church leaders at Xenos.

Areas of Leadership Responsibility

Christian leaders have to function in a number of areas, and different leaders will perform better in some areas than others. Leaders should appraise their own strengths and weaknesses, not hesitating to get help in their weak areas when possible. At the same time, all leaders need to be ready in principle to perform in all of these areas on occasion.

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