Safety Data Sheets - SDS

Listed on this page are Safety Data Sheet links for the chemicals that we use at Xenos Christian Fellowship facilities. The chemicals that are commonly stored in classrooms can be found in the chart above as well as the comprehensive list below. For information on these chemicals or what to do if you or someone else is exposed to them, you can quickly find the chemical you are looking for, using the links below. If you are having trouble finding a chemical, try looking for its specific name first, like "Ax-it-Plus" rather than floor cleaner. Alternatively, use Ctrl+F and search its manufacturer or desciption.

  • For additional information, contact Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
  • Call 911 right away if the individual collapses, has a seizure, has trouble breathing, or can't be awakened.
  • If you can't find help here, check the National Capital Poison Center.

 Common Name  Description  Manufacturer
Ax-it-Plus Floor Stripper Floor Stripper Betco
BA15 Degreaser Maxol
Balance #11 PH Neutral Cleaner Pro-Link
Base Hit Baseboard Aerosol Buckeye Chemical
Bolex, 23% hydrochloric acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Misty
Bowl Cleaner #6 Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner Pro-Link
Broadband Q256 #14 Disinfectant Pro-Link
Buckeye Blue Degreaser Buckeye Chemical
Burnish Boost Floor  Mark Remover Zep Mfg
Clean Promise (Giant Eagle) Ammonia Giant Eagle (Jas Austin Co)
Clorox Bleach Bleach Clorox Co
Clorox Wipes disinfecting wipe Clorox Co
Crossbow Floor Cleaner Buckeye Chemical
Defoam Defoamer Buckeye Chemical
Delight Hand Soap Hand Soap Zep Mfg
Delimer Plus Delimer (dish washer) Davey Fitch Co
Dermabrand Pink Lotion Soap Hand Soap Dermabrand
Dial Hand Soap Hand Soap Dial Corporation
Drain Away Drain Cleaner, Caustic Total Solutions
Expo White Board Cleaner white board cleaner Sanford
Extreme Floor Stripper Betco
Formula 409 Degreaser Clorox Co
Formula 50 Floor Cleaner Zep Mfg
Gel Scrub Grout Cleaner Buckeye Chemical
Glass Cleaner #2 Glass Cleaner Pro-Link
Greased Lightning Cleaner Degreaser HomeCare Labs
Green Link Floor Finish Floor Finish Zep Mfg
Husky 2020 Glass Cleaner Canberra Corporation
Husky 400 Bacterial Digestant Canberra Corporation
Husky 401 Uric Acid Eradicator Canberra Corporation
Husky 430 Stainless Steel Cleanser Canberra Corporation
Husky 702 Floor Cleaner Canberra Corporation
Husky 802 Disinfectant Canberra Corporation
Husky 804 Disinfectant Canberra Corporation
Jet Stream Carpet Cleaning Solution Buckeye Chemical
Juggernaught Floor Stripper Buckeye Chemical
Liquid Defoamer Defoamer Chemspec
LiquiMax Floor Wax Buckeye Chemical
Lysol Wipes disinfecting wipe Lysol
Marauder Carpet Cleaning Solution Buckeye Chemical
Marking Paint - Orange Spray Paint Rustoleum
Marking Paint - Yellow Spray Paint Rustoleum
MH140 Hand Sanitizer Pro-Link
MH255 Foaming Handsoap Pro-Link
Oasis 100 Floor Cleaner Ecolab
Oasis 137 (Orange Force) degreaser Ecolab
Oasis 146 (quat sanitizer) Disinfectant Ecolab
Oasis 259  (Glass Force) Glass Cleaner Ecolab
Oasis 299 Disinfectant Ecolab
Proclaim Floor Wax Buckeye Chemical
Pro-Link #9 PH Neutral Cleaner Pro-Link
Sanamax Defoamer Defoamer Sanamax
Sanamax Defoamer Defoamer Sanamax
Scout Pan Cleaner Ecolab
Soft Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner Dial Corporation
Soil Off (PH 11 Cleaner) Heavy Duty Cleaner Brownie (Betco Top-Flight)
Sparkle, Buckeye Sparkle acid rinse Buckeye Chemical
Spray Paint Spray Paint Rustoleum
Spray Paint - White Spray Paint Rustoleum
Stainless Steel Wipes Stainless Steel Wipes Magic American Products
Star Spray Glass Cleaner Buckeye Chemical
Straight Up Floor Cleaner Buckeye Chemical
Symmetry Anti-microbial foaming hand soap Hand Soap Symmetry
Symmetry Hand Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Symmetry
Symplicity Sanibet Sanitizer Sanitizer for 3rd Sink Betco
Vinegar acid rinse Boardwalk
Workout Degreaser Buckeye Chemical