Dwell Parenting Meeting

Dwell's monthly Parenting Meeting offers practical, Bible-based teachings on different parenting topics. You can ask questions and join in on small discussion groups at the end, as well as enjoy time with other parents. While the teachers come from a Biblical perspective, all viewpoints are welcome.

Meetings are at 9:30am at the Dwell Main Campus Cafe (1394 Community Park Dr., 43229) the first Wednesday of the month during the school year. Limited childcare is provided. For more information contact fojasS@dwellcc.org.


Due to COVID restrictions, the in-person Dwell Parenting Meeting is on hold, but the ministry is now offering newly recorded video teachings. Click the link to access these teachings:

Ryan Weingartner: Family Conflict Resolution
Brad & Ellen Oatney: Lessons We've Learned over the Years
Bev DeLashmutt: Enjoying Your Child's Personality 
Liz Sweet: Developing Resilient Kids   powerpoint resource
Mary Beth Gladwell: Strong Marriage, Strong Kids
Gloria McCallum: Filling Your Child's Love Tank    powerpoint resource
Nick Hetrick: Calm Kids in an Anxious Age      powerpoint resource
Patty Young: With a Little Help from My Friends
Chris RisleyFighting for Joy (and Sanity) 

Title Teacher Audio Resources
Getting Quality Time with your Kids Gary DeLashmutt m4a Powerpoint
Helping Kids Process Emotions Chris Risley m4a Powerpoint
Shaping Behavior or Building Character Brad DuFault m4a Powerpoint
The Best and Worst Kinds of Nurture Cindy Botti m4a Powerpoint
Parenting Under Grace Gloria McCallum mp3 Powerpoint
Teaching Children about God Paul Alexander mp3 Handout
Enjoying Parenting Scott Risley mp3 Powerpoint
Serving During the Challenging Years Stephanie Lehnert mp3 Powerpoint
Working & Stay-At-Home Moms Joe & Cindy Botti mp3 Powerpoint
Does My Parenting Define Me? Nick Hetrick mp3 Powerpoint
Fear vs. Confidence in Parenting Laura Stoddard mp3 Powerpoint
Dealing with Tragedies--Large & Small, Present & Future John and Connie Rue mp3 Powerpoint
Developing a Child's Character Mary Beth Gladwell mp3 Powerpoint
Talk so Kids Will Listen, Listen so Kids Will Talk Chris Risley   Powerpoint
Technology & Parenting Workshop Brian Runk
Brad DuFault
Joe Botti
Dealing with Anger, Developing Patience Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Hospitality & Parenting Liz Sweet mp3 Powerpoint
Navigating Chaos Patrice McCormac mp3 Powerpoint
Helping Kids Develop Healthy Relationships Beth Himsworth mp3 Powerpoint
Parenting Tweens Megan Kavinsky mp3 Handout
Sibling Rivalry Chris Deken mp3 Powerpoint
Are We Being Too Over-Protective? Paul & Becky Alexander mp3 Powerpoint
Entrusting Your Child to God Chip & Kim Geiser mp3 Powerpoint
New Mom Workshop Amber Liston mp3 Powerpoint
Disciplining with Grace Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Simple Living Joe Botti mp3 Powerpoint
Instructing and Disciplining Children Ajith Fernando mp3 Video
Being a Stay-At-Home Parent Patrice McCormac mp3 Handout
Spirit-Led Marriage: God's Provision for Biblical Parenting John & Connie Rue mp3 Powerpoint
Balancing Ministry & Family Doug Patch mp3 Powerpoint
Listen So Your Kids Will Talk Rosy Talarzyk mp3 Handout
Authoritative Parenting Joe & Cindy Botti mp3 Powerpoint
Appropriate Forms of Touch Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Expectations: Dos and Don'ts Chris Deken mp3 Powerpoint
Your Identity and Your Kid's Patrice McCormac mp3 Powerpoint
Resources for Good Parenting: Your Spouse and Close Friends Mary Beth Gladwell mp3 Powerpoint
Sacrificial Parenting Bev DeLashmutt
Linda Lentz
mp3 Powerpoint
Helping your Kids Handle Anxiety Amy Moreno mp3 Powerpoint
When Helping Hurts Kim Geiser mp3 Powerpoint
Creating a Vision for your Child Holly McCallum   Powerpoint
How does my Child's Moral Compass Impact Relationships? Beth Himsworth mp3 Powerpoint
Helping Kids Deal with Adversity Sharon Rich mp3 Powerpoint
Evaluating Cultural Trends in Parenting Kathy Hoffer mp3 Powerpoint
Parenting Young Souls with Love and Logic Chris Cloud mp3  
How to Fail at Parenting Paul Alexander mp3 Powerpoint
Serving Christ through Life's Stages Mary Barnum mp3 Powerpoint
Conflict Resolution Ryan Weingartner mp3 Powerpoint
Raising Self-Reliant Kids in a Self-Indulgent World Bev DeLashmutt   Powerpoint
Raising Kids in Community Patrice McCormac mp3 Powerpoint
Being a Good Steward of your Family Ben Foust mp3 Powerpoint
Instilling God's Love for all People Cheryl Walker   Powerpoint
Parenting in Grace Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
How to Listen to Your Child Lee Campbell   Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Appropriate Discipline for Your Child Connie Run mp3 Powerpoint
Helping Kids with their Emotions Amy Moreno mp3 Handout 1
Handout 2
Parenting in a Sport Crazed World Rob Smith mp3 Powerpoint
Praying Today for Your Child's Tomorrow Kip Dixon mp3  
Dealing with Stress Amy Moreno mp3 Powerpoint
Are We Over-Scheduled? Jessica Lowery mp3 Powerpoint
Raising Sexually Healthy Children In a Sexually Dangerous World Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Conflict Resolution Ryan Weingartner mp3  
Flexibility with Kids:What’s Negotiable and What’s Not Patrice McCormac mp3 Handout 
Information Technology Overuse Gary DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Parenting and Shame Lee Campbell mp3 Powerpoint
Promoting Strength and Resilience Beth Himsworth mp3 Outline
How Parenting affects your Marriage Chris Risley mp3 Powerpoint
How to Discipline your Toddler/Preschooler Chris Risley mp3 Powerpoint
Dealing with Anger: Yours and Your Kids' Amy Moreno mp3 Outline
Developing the Art of Conversation Rosy Talarzyk mp3 Outline
Dealing with the "What ifs" of Parenting Beth Himsworth mp3 Outline
Age-appropriate Awareness about Sex Brian Gardner mp3 Powerpoint
Harmful Help: Are we helping our kids too much? Kip Dixon mp3 Outline
The Benefits of Staying Home Holly McCallum mp3 Outline
Parenting under Grace Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Powerpoint
Having a Healthy Perspective on your Child and School Carole Bucklew mp3 Powerpoint
Parenting with Love and Logic Jill Cleary mp3 Powerpoint
Making your Home a Haven for Others Patrice McCormac mp3 Outline
The Role of Technology on our Kids (evening) Marc Johnson mp3 Powerpoint 
Appreciating your Spouse's Role Tom & Kamie Dixon mp3 Powerpoint 
Instilling Values: Hollywood's vs. the Bible's Joe Botti mp3 Powerpoint 
Balancing Family Activities & Ministry: Integrating & Saving Time Sherri Fojas mp3  Outline
The Role of Technology on our Kids Marc Johnson mp3  
Helping our Kids Deal with Their Fears Beth Himsworth mp3 Outline 
Boys and Girls: Developing and Nurturing Each One Jessica Lowery mp3 Outline
Tailoring Discipline to Your Kid's Personality Kathy Hoffer mp3 Outline
Simple Living: Practical Ways to Enjoy Life with your Kids Joe Botti mp3 Powerpoint 
Raising a Successful Child Beth Himsworth mp3 Outline
Understanding your Child's Personality Bev DeLashmutt mp3 Outline
Top 5 Parenting Tips from an Empty Nester Chris Patch mp3 Outline 
Dealing with Guilt: How to Enjoy Being a Parent Connie Rue mp3 Powerpoint
Strengthening Your Family by Strengthening Your Marriage Lee & Debbie Campbell mp3 Outline 
Effective Discipline Cindy Botti & Kamie Dixon mp3  
Avoiding Rebellion & Entitlement Through Significance Beth Himsworth mp3 Outline
The Value of Community Patrice McCormac mp3  
How to Teach your Kids to Love God Martha McCallum mp3