Young Preschool Curriculum

2020-2021 Program Year


Date Lesson # Lesson Title and Link: Drama? Coloring/Activity
6/7/20   Introduction    
6/14/20 OT1 Angelic Rebellion    
6/21/20 OT2 God’s Creation   Puppets  
6/28/20 OT3 The Fall Bible Guy  
7/5/20 OT4 Cain and Abel    
7/12/20 OT5 Noah    
7/19/20 OT6 Tower of Babel Puppets  
7/26/20 OT7 Abraham    
8/2/20 OT8 Jacob Bible Guy August
8/9/20 OT9 Joseph   August
8/16/20 OT10 Baby Moses    August
8/23/20 OT11 Plagues & Passover Puppets August
8/30/20 OT12 Manna Bible Guy August
9/6/20 OT13 10 Commandments   September
9/13/20 OT14 Joshua   September
9/20/20 OT15 Gideon   September
9/27/20 OT16 Ruth   September
10/4/20 OT17 David & Goliath Bible Guy October
10/11/20 OT18 Shepherd's Psalm   October
10/18/20 OT19 God's Wisdom for Solomon   October
10/25/20 OT20 Isaiah Predicts Christ   October
11/1/20 OT21 Josiah the Boy King    
11/8/20 OT22 Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego Bible Guy  
11/15/20 OT23 Daniel in the Lions' Den    
11/22/20 OT24 Esther    
11/29/20 OT25 Nehemiah    
Date Lesson # Lesson Title and Link: Drama?  
12/6/20 NT1 Zacharias, Elizabeth & John   December
12/13/20 NT2 An Angle Visits Mary   December
12/20/20 NT3 Jesus is Born   December
12/27/20 NT4 God Protected Jesus Bible Guy December
1/3/21 NT5 Jesus is Baptized   January
1/10/21 NT6 Temptation in the Wilderness Puppets January
1/17/21 NT7 Follow Me   January
1/24/21 NT9 Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Guy January
1/31/21 NT10 Jesus Forgives Sin   January
2/7/21 NT11 Alive Again!   February
2/14/21 NT12 Treasure or Waste? Bible Guy February
2/21/21 NT13 The Enormous Picnic    February
2/28/21 NT14 The Good Samaritan   February
3/7/21 NT15 What about the Children? Bible Guy March
3/14/21 NT19 Triumphal Entry   March
3/21/21 NT20 The Last Supper   March
3/28/21 NT21 Gethsemane Bible Guy March
4/4/21 NT22 The Cross & Resurrection Puppets  
4/11/21 NT16 To Forgive or Not to Forgive…    
4/18/21 NT17 The Prodigal Son Bible Guy  
4/25/21 NT18 Missions- Sending the 70    
5/2/21 NT23 The Big Catch    
5/9/21 NT8 Who, Me?! Bible Guy  
5/16/21 NT24 The Church Is People    
5/23/21 NT25 Heaven Bible Guy  
5/30/21 NT26 The Great Commission