Learning About God Can Start at Any Age

by Jackie Storer

The Oasis program is aimed at teaching children the love of God from infancy, which is much more possible than it may seem at first.

"The kids are surprisingly perceptive about spiritual things," said Oasis Director Jeff Risley. Risley reports the kids in the program gain a deep care for others who are hurting and the need to do something about it. Kids in the program recently raised $1,000 for Harambee Christian School to help pay for scholarships.

Anne Trader began going to Oasis when she was still a baby. "Oasis is where I became a believer and where I [eventually] learned to serve," Trader said. Now in the adult group with a baby of her own in the program, Anne continues to serve in the program that originally taught her about a relationship with God. 

Trader began serving in Oasis when she was in middle school and out of the Oasis program, and says she's learned about communicating God's Word through her time as a volunteer. "When you're talking to three-year-olds...it's a good way to practice talking about your faith [and] prepare to teach," she said.

Risley said that even though the kids can start in the Oasis program at a very young age, it's not a fruitless ministry or babysitting, "The biggest goal of the program is to graduate the kids into a another ministry already thinking about making a decision for God to create an eternal impact for God at a young age."


Marriage Mentors Make a Difference

by Jackie Storer

The Xenos Marriage Mentorship program was developed in order to guide couples in fellowship into having a successful marriage while following God. Marian Guzzo, current administrator for the program, has been setting up couples with married mentors for about five years.

“We had the benefit of getting input from older believers,” and were able to gain a lot of wisdom and experience, Guzzo said. “It’s nice to have an objective place to go and to talk about the issues that might be stressing the marriage.” 

Tammy Boone and her husband, Matt, have been mentoring couples since 2006 and said, from experience, the first year of marriage can be difficult. “There are many changes and moving through the process of living a single life to a married life isn’t necessarily intuitive.”

New! Xenos App Now Available

Want to listen to high-quality Xenos teachings in your car, on a plane or while hiking in the woods? There’s an app for that!

The new Xenos app launched this week and is available for Apple, Android and Windows smart phones. It's also available for many tablet devices. To download the app for your device, go to http://get.theapp.co/c477

“The goal of this Xenos app is to allow people to easily find and listen to teachings. The app allows for simple downloading of teachings, stored on your local device, that can then be listened to even when WiFi is not available,” says Phil Franck, Division Coordinator, Support Services. “In addition, there is information available on upcoming events, news stories and contact information.”

Journal Room a Scholar's Paradise

by John Ross

They’re tucked for safekeeping into a private room, but the journal collection at the Xenos Study Center is a research trove with more than 50 scholarly titles covering topics from leadership to textual criticism.

“The peer-reviewed journals that we have available in the journal room are some of our best resources,” Study Center director Caitlin Kleinpaste says. “You can find solid research done by Biblical scholars and critics that will enhance both your teachings and personal study time.”

Titles include Biblical Archaeology Review, Bibliotheca Sacra, Christian History, Journal of Biblical Literature and New Testament Studies, with some subscriptions dating as far back as 1940. Many Study Center subscriptions include access to online archives, and Kleinpaste recently initiated an extensive archiving project that will allow patrons to search journals in the collection by title, author or keyword.

Located in the ground floor of the Main Campus office building at 1340 Community Park Drive, the Study Center also offers more than 12,000 items to borrow, 3,000 reference works and access to the complete Xenos teaching archive.




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