Meet Our Elders: Conrad Hilario

Have you ever wondered who Xenos’ elders are? In starting off the Meet Our Elders series, we were able to learn more about Senior Sphere Leader and Elder, James Rochford. This week, we’re taking a closer look at Conrad Hilario

Conrad Hilario is a Senior Sphere Leader and Elder at Xenos whose life has been entirely transformed by God’s renewing grace and mercy. Conrad first started coming out to Xenos Central Teaching in January 1999 through a Youth for Christ staff member. That same week, he was also invited out to home church and men’s cell group, and has been a part of the community ever since.

The road to Christ was not without hardship. When he was 17 years old, Conrad was arrested, spending 1.5 years in jail. While there, however, God brought him together with the YFC staff member who would soon become a close friend and help lead him into a life-altering relationship with Christ.

Haiti: Finding God in Hard Circumstances

by Terri DiPietro

"Haiti is hard." -- Everyone

Haiti is hard. Even Haitians will tell you that. Unpredictable travel and communication, poor infrastructure, lack of access to clean water, food insecurity, unemployment, natural disasters, material poverty and political instability are just some of the overwhelming obstacles. Many desire to have a lasting impact, but it often feels like putting a bandaid on a mortal wound. Is there any real hope?

Yes! Just ask any of the more than 100 people who put their faith in Jesus during Xenos’ ministry trip in January. There were 70 salvations at the first clinic on the first day! At the third clinic, Caitlin Kleinpaste and Holly Stewart gathered a group of children in the back of an open bus to color pictures and tell Bible stories. When they shared the story of Jesus calming the storm, the busload of children were eager to ask Jesus into their hearts, to calm the storms they were facing in their own lives. Yes, there is hope. Jesus is our hope.

Meet Our Elders: James Rochford

Have you ever wondered who Xenos’ elders are? In a large church, you may not have gotten the opportunity to meet them all. Featured this week is James Rochford.

James Rochford is a Senior Sphere Leader at Xenos, and one of ten Elders leading the church. A former skeptic of Christianity, James met Christ through a friend at Xenos at the age of 20. He fell in love with the authentic community and the relevance of the Bible for his life, as well as the meaning and purpose God gives to us when we live for Him and eternity.

New Oasis Initiative at 4th Street

Elementary CT, or ECT, is a new Oasis Initiative at 4th Street. The curriculum is designed to follow the adult CT teaching series and formatted to fit a younger age group.

Our desire was 3-fold; to facilitate biblical conversations and discipleship within the family by teaching the same bible lesson to both parents and children, to nurture maturity in the body of Christ through small groups and the means of growth (​Bible memory, prayer, service, fellowship), and to help each child both begin and move increasingly towards God’s desire for us all - that Christ would be formed in us (Galatians 4:19). We’ve received such encouraging feedback from ECT parents. “I love hearing the teaching and then sharing it on the way home in the car with my brought tears to my eyes that we could share the word together”. Another added, “seeing my kids so engaged when I go down to pick them up… it is amazing…they work so hard at the service table”.

The layout of ECT is characterized by a 5-10 minute teaching, followed by small group time where the topic is brought to a deeper level, with children divided by gender and age. The rest of the morning is left for the children to pick what to work on, be it bible memory, service projects, praying in the prayer room or simply having fellowship with one another. Occasionally a 5th option of play-acting bible stories is also presented. We had fun playing the Valley of Dry Bones from Ezekiel in October.  The children have amazing memories for God’s word. We have gotten to celebrate reaching corporate memory verse goals a few times this year! The children have made cards of thanks for missionaries and service men, welcome cards for IFI students, feeders for birds in the winter months and they are currently sewing rice bag hand warmers for the elderly.  Remember now, these kids are in grade school.  Well done kids!!

New Study Center Features!

The Study Center now has an updated website and online catalog you can check out at!

This new interface allows you to search all of our books, reference materials, DVDs, CDs, multimedia sets, distance-education courses and PDFs (roughly 20,00 items). Everything is searchable by author, title or topic to best suit your needs.

New commentaries are now available. The books in the 4th Street fire room were disorganized and hard to find. We took them out and replaced them with a bunch of new commentary sets available from behind the counter. We’re starting with complete, updated editions of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, The New International Commentary and Tyndale New Testament Commentaries. Others are coming soon!

We have a new delivery system. Every Monday and Thursday, requested items will be dropped off at the 4th Street Cafe (starting Thursday) and The Warehouse (starting in March). If you find an item you want, simply place a hold on it and select a delivery location. You can then pick it up at the counter of that location on either day. When done, you can return the items to counter attendants at the 4th Street Cafe, The Warehouse or Main Campus, regardless of where you picked them up.

To sign up for an account, clink on the link included above.

If you’ve checked out books at the Study Center before, you should have received an email with a user name and password to log in. If you have an account and did not get an email, contact John Ross at

Welcome to the 2018 Registration

Xenos Web Calendar Can Help You Plan Ahead

Have you ever grown frustrated in realizing that the vacation you planned months in advance happens to coincide with the Xenos Blowout camp your middle schooler was so eager to attend? Or the home church retreat that’s taken much planning is actually the same weekend as one of the annual church meetings?

We know life is full of activity and often takes careful organizing to ensure things go smoothly.  We want to help with this too. The Xenos web calendar is a useful tool to consult when planning those various events in life. It provides key information on important fellowship-wide or sphere-related events, various activities in student ministries, among many other things.

We want to support your desire to make serving Christ and having fellowship an integral part of daily life! 

The Xenos web calendar can be accessed by going to

High School Retreats: An Opportunity for Fellowship

by Paige Winfree

The high school ministry is looking forward to hosting their biennial CT retreats this March. These retreats are an awesome opportunity for high school students to spend the weekend sitting under awesome bible teachings, engaging in deep fellowship with their friends, and building unity in their high school home churches.

Kelly McCallum, a student from South CT, was greatly impacted with the depth of fellowship she experienced at the last CT retreat: "The retreat allowed me to have the ability to grow in my friendships inside of my group and with those outside of my group!" The CT retreats are one of two trips that high school students can attend, alongside Epic (a weeklong summer camp).

Access Ministry Opens Doors to the Gospel

by Jackie Storer

Xenos Access ministry is a group that is focused on leading people with disabilities to Christ and providing them with the help needed to understand the Bible and God’s role in their lives.

Greg Roth, who leads Xenos Access ministry and oversees all of the branches of the ministry, says his burden for reaching people with disabilities came after a retreat with families with disabilities. He felt the need for a ministry to help Xenos members reach out to families affected by disability and support them.

“It came together as a result of many like-minded individuals who converged and thought it would be a good thing to get started. God brought us together,” Roth said.

Legal Advice made Easy

By Gwendolyn Herrick
The vast majority of people who qualify as having low-income cannot afford to hire an attorney to get legal advice; but now they can!  The Xenos Free Legal Clinic provides free advice to low-income clients and shares the gospel message of Christ with them. In January of 2014, the Xenos Free Legal Clinic opened its doors in Reynoldsburg.
According to volunteer, Bruce Robinson, clients coming into the clinic generally are low-income members of the community who have pressing legal needs, but who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. While their needs are varied, the most common request is for estate planning. “It is very rewarding to see clients have their needs met by our see the obvious relief on their faces when they have received advice. It is equally rewarding when we see them praying with our volunteers.  Many of our clients leave our clinic with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation.” Robinson said.
The goal of the clinic is to not only serve the community by offering free legal advice, but also to share the gospel of Christ to those whom they serve. Volunteers begin their day by praying for God to provide them with what they need in order to better serve the clients.  When the clinic doors swing open clients are guided through the process of filling out paperwork, meeting with a paralegal and an attorney.  Lastly, volunteers ask clients for prayer requests and share the gospel.    
Since the clinic was conceived, God has provided both the mission and the means to make it happen. One particular instance demonstrates God’s involvement in the project.  When preparing to open the clinic, the issue of needing malpractice insurance arose. This was no small matter. Robinson recounts, “We pursued a couple of opportunities until finally, Caris Post, a volunteer attorney, met with a representative of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA). When the CBA representative learned about the Xenos Legal Clinic, she offered to provide malpractice insurance free of charge!”  
Sharing Christ in both word and action, The Xenos Free Legal Clinic can be found at 421 Lancaster Avenue in Reynoldsburg on the 2nd Monday of each month from 6-9 pm. For more information, please contact Margo Shaw at


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