Study Center Launches eBook Library

Can’t track down a copy of a Christian classic? Looking for something to listen to during that upcoming beach trip?

The Xenos Study Center has partnered with leading e-book provider OverDrive to offer dozens of e-books and audio books by C.S. Lewis, Andrew Murray, Bill Hybels, Ken Sande, Lee Strobel, Francis Schaeffer and other leading authors.

The service is easy to use and totally free, Study Center director Caitlin Kleinpaste says.

“Our collection of books at the Study Center is amazing, but sometimes people just don't have the time to get to Main Campus or wait for a book to be delivered,” reports Kleinpaste. “Having e-books available means that you can download one from home and start reading immediately. Having audio books available for download is also huge.”

Meet the Elders: Jody Kear

As part of our Meet the Elders series, we would like you to get to know Jody Kear. 

Jody Kear has been involved with Xenos since 1981, when he first attended a Central Teaching at the church’s former location in the building 4 warehouse. “I first came with my friend, Jeff Gordon…I was a Christian who wasn’t in any fellowship, Jeff wasn’t yet a believer”, he recalls. “We were unsure of visiting a home church but wanted something more, so we started our own bible study. It grew from 5 to 15 or so people over the summer”. After visiting Dennis McCallum’s home church that fall, joining cell group in January and then being raised up to lead a home church with Jeff Gordon by May was an exciting time.

Find Healing Through VICTORY Ministry

The Xenos VICTORY Ministry is a ten-week workshop that seeks to aid women who have experienced sexual assault come to a better understanding of the effects that this trauma has had on their lives and bring healing to these areas. While Xenos GRACE ministry is designed for women who have been sexually abused as children, VICTORY serves a similar purpose for women who have experienced sexual assault.

VICTORY was created when a counselor at Xenos recognized the present need for a sexual assault ministry that would complement GRACE, by assisting women who need a different kind of healing than GRACE offers. VICTORY coordinator Barb Hulett has seen a desire and joy from women in the groups. They look forward to experiencing the vital steps of healing that takes place at each session.

One member shared how God provided her with hope and promise through VICTORY, "There were aspects of my rape that I didn't realize I had not dealt with. The group helped me to bring them to light so I could gain victory over them. Putting the incident in a Biblical perspective helped a lot. I saw the effects bitterness was having in my life. I realized my view of God was not accurate and grew in the knowledge of His love for me."

Meetings are held as the need presents itself and when qualified leaders are available. Small group size is typically 3-4 women.

If you or someone you know is in need of support and healing that the VICTORY ministry provides please contact Barb Hulett at or phone 614-582-6200. There is also a voice mailbox available at 823-6510 ext. 1727

Meet the Elders: Dennis McCallum

Dennis has seen the remarkable means by which God has challenged and grown Xenos over the years partly because his involvement with the church precedes even the name itself.

He was there in the very beginning when the church went by a different name, the Fish House Fellowship. “I was just hanging out with friends, trying to reach our non-Christian friends, going to Bible study…the fact that it grew into Xenos gradually became apparent during the 70’s [under the Fish House Fellowship identity]”.

But, Dennis contends, it was never a direct choice to establish Xenos. “By the time our group became self-aware- that we were a significant-sized group - all the other people who were there at the beginning had left, except me. That’s why people say I started Xenos. Not really true. I like to say I was there when it started.

Amazing Growth in Ethiopia

Ethiopia missionaries Aklilu (Lou) and Genet Kassa are seeing fantastic growth in their home church movement among unreached people groups in the Amhara and Tigray regions of northern Ethiopia. Just in the last 2 years, the number of home churches rose from 11 in 2013 to 27 in 2015. The growth is even more impressive when you consider the people impacted increased from 112 to 279.
In the mid-90s, Lou and Genet came to personal faith in Christ. Both enthusiastically began sharing their faith with friends and family. Within two years, this group developed into a vital Christian community which became Bethel Church. Lou came to the U.S. to get a nursing degree and stayed for 17 years, but he and Genet were always burdened for their people in Ethiopia. Lou and Genet began attending Xenos and realized the home church model was what was needed in Ethiopia. 
In the fall of 2013, they returned to Ethiopia to work with the elders of Bethel Church to start a church planting ministry. Lou and the elders train these home church leaders and members in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. They also identify and facilitate church plants in new areas. All leaders in this movement are indigenous. Because of their emphasis on church planting and indigenous leadership development, they are one of our Global Partners.
Prayers are appreciated for growth in the student groups. They have started a few high school and college home churches. The Ethiopian government pays for college and upon graduation students have to serve using their new skills in a rural Ethiopian town. Lou sees tremendous potential with reaching students in college who can then carry the message of Christ to the lost. About 80% of people in Ethiopia live in rural communities. 
Financial Support:

Meet our Elders: Ryan Lowery

Through this series, we have introduced you to James Rochford, Conrad Hilario, Scott Risley and Gary DeLashmutt. This week, we talked with Ryan Lowery, sphere leader and elder.

Ryan has a heart for student ministry at Xenos because he came to Christ through a high school group back in 1994. "I was a rebel at heart and wanted nothing to do with God," Ryan said. "I was pursued by friends who attended multiple churches, but I didn't see a compelling reason to become a Christian. At the end of my senior year of high school, I got invited to a Bible study at Dave and Amy Merker's house. I was intrigued by Xenos' casual style and intellectual honesty. I used to come and grill Den (Dennis McCallum) and Gordy (Jeff Gordon), trying to poke holes in the Bible... The Bible won."

Meet Our Elders: Gary DeLashmutt

Want to learn more about Xenos’ elders? Well here’s your chance! So far we’ve introduced you to James Rochford, Conrad Hilario, and Scott Risley. Featured this week is Lead Pastor and Elder, Gary DeLashmutt.

“We didn’t have any kind of plan to establish Xenos,” Gary replied when asked what led him to help establish the church. “We just started Bible studies when we got opportunities.” They were eager to establish a biblically-rooted group founded on the dynamic of the New Testament church. More than forty years later, God has grown Gary, and Xenos, in amazing ways.

At 18 years old, Gary was fairly new in his relationship with Christ, excited and ready to be used wherever God led him. His friend Dennis McCallum and his mother, Martha, encouraged Gary to realize that God could work through him to lead others to His truth. After walking with the Lord for about a year, Gary came across a book that entirely realigned his walk with Christ. In reading “Presenting Ourselves to God”, a chapter from Christian apologist Watchman Nee’s book The Normal Christian Life, he realized he needed to submit his whole life to God. He did, and shortly after, God’s calling for his life grew even more evident.

Andrew Collins Longtime Oasis Team Member

The Oasis Ministry within Xenos exists to provide a fun, biblically-based environment during adult Central Teaching where children can respond to and grow in the truth, grace and love of Jesus. Many volunteers are needed to keep this vital ministry running.

Andrew Collins has been involved with the ministry for numerous years now, first as a student and now, on the other side, as a teacher.

 One of my favorite experiences I can remember in [leading] Oasis is when we were talking about a really difficult topic. Our class was very small that day, consisting of a couple of girls and one, maybe two boys. One of the boys was known to cause trouble and not be as spiritually interested. After talking about this really difficult topic during the teaching, I could see that they were having a hard time grasping it, so I got down on the ground with them and tried to explain it again in a different way,” he recalls. “After doing that, they were still struggling, and the student known for causing trouble said to me ‘This is really hard to think about’. I loved this so much because it was so obvious how engaged and interested they were in this topic. They were visibly trying so hard to wrap their minds around this difficult topic. It was so awesome to watch them think about it and try to learn more about God and what the Bible says.

Meet Our Elders: Scott Risley

In a continuation of our series to introduce you to Xenos’ elders, the spotlight this week is on Scott Risley.

An Elder and Senior Sphere Leader at Xenos, Scott Risley has been a part of the church since 1996. At that time, Scott migrated from a small town near Mason, Ohio to Columbus to attend the Ohio State University. “When I came to Ohio State for college in 1996, my parents had some friends who knew about Xenos and they got me to go out to a college home group.” Impressed by the spirituality and relationships of those within the group, he was motivated to continue coming out. But Scott remained only partially involved for several months, until some of his friends in the church challenged him to open up and seek to develop much deeper, more meaningful relationships. Their encouragement led to him moving into a ministry house soon after.

I grew up going to church near Mason, Ohio, but I don’t think I actually became a Christian until the beginning of my senior year in high school...I grew up hating church because I never felt I could be real.” Scott explained that an essential factor in Xenos’ strength as a community is the emphasis placed on not settling for spiritual superficiality, but rather striving for excellence in biblical equipping. Aside from the Holy Spirit, the expository Scriptural teachings at Xenos were a nourishing means of helping Scott encounter God on his own, impelling him in his growth as a believer and church leader.

Thank YOU for Your Generosity

Student Ministries held a fundraiser at the adult CTs over several weeks in March. 

They are thrilled to announce that the total combined contributions from all adult CTs was $18,423.29! 

The money raised will go towards helping students get to Epic who otherwise couldn't afford to go. 

Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to helping high school students grow spiritually. 



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