How the Fund Works

Global Partnerships Funding Process

  1. The Global Partnership Fund consists of two parts. The first part is “targeted funds”. The target amount is based on goals already undertaken by Xenos in previous years. The target funds are released as they come in, or at the end of the year depending on the memo of understanding with our global partner.
  2. Because the elders already undertook to reach these goals, exact dollar amounts have been assigned for each cause. If Xenos members give more than the target amount, the extra dollars become part of the fluid fund pool, still earmarked for the donor-designated ministry.
  3. The other portions of Global Partnerships are “fluid funds.” These are funds not yet scheduled for disbursement, but will be either given or saved for the future depending on what the elders determine is good for the organization.
  4. Partnerships involve two or more parties. In our case, Xenos is one of those parties. Therefore, the elders have determined the Xenos general fund must be covered each year before people begin giving more to the Global Partnerships fluid funds. This links supporting the home base to giving to partnerships. People need to understand our ability to give to international partners depends on the health of our base in Columbus. Without this base, none of these partnerships would exist in the first place. Therefore, until the general fund is funded, the elders will prohibit further disbursements to Global Partnerships fluid funds each year.

    To help prevent this outcome, the elders also plan to announce to the church whether the general fund was funded or if underfunded, by how much. If the fund is significantly short, members will need to make up the shortfall, during the coming year before unlimited disbursements to Global Partnerships can begin. If the general fund shortfall is not funded, the elders will not allow disbursement to Global Partnerships fluid funds until the shortfall is covered.
  5. Designated giving is permitted for both targeted and fluid funds. However, the elders will determine the schedule for releasing fluid funds. The elders need to manage these funds in order to avoid damaging over-funding of indigenous work. Factors affecting the pace of releasing funds include the size of the ministry, their competence level, their ability to manage funds locally in the country, and our confidence that infusing more money will not cause dependency or distraction. However, designated funds will be eventually given to the ministry in question unless the partnership ends for some reason.