Conversation & Cuisine

“Judgmental,” “dogmatic” and “narrow-minded” are common adjectives applied to Christians by non-Christians. Sadly, they are too often deserved.  Conversation and Cuisine (C&C) provides an environment that can go a long way in reversing this perspective. 

Exquisite food and enjoyable, stimulating discussion leads to substantive conversation and relationships. Because of busy lifestyles, material pursuits taking priority over spiritual inquiry, or negative experiences with the church or Christians in the past, it can be hard to get people out to a Bible study.

This is where C&C fits in. What God depicts in his word is Christians who respectfully listen to many views. The C&C discussion is therefore purposefully not oriented toward the Christian world view and purposefully most interested in drawing out and listening to all views. The facilitator has invested considerable time into preparing for just such a discussion. These events are intended for adults, childcare is strongly recommended if families are invited.

Check out some sample topics that have been used in the past for these events.