Epic (Camp)

About Epic

A high point of the year for the high school group is Epic, a week-long camp with hundreds of high school students from Xenos home churches. At Epic, students and their home group leaders spend a week together discussing reading material in the mornings; participating in activities like swimming, rock climbing, horseback riding, and playing paintball in the afternoons; and listening to in-depth Bible teachings in the evenings. Over 750 students went to Epic in 2016, and many came home describing the trip as a life-changing spiritual experience.

EPIC 2017!

Sign up for Epic by clicking here! To sign up for Epic:

  • Fill out the information following the link above (if you have more than one student, click the "add another camper" option at the bottom)
  • Once completed, click "Enroll (your student's name) for 2017". Follow the prompts. When asking for payment, just input "cash/check". You won't be charged.
  • You can mail checks to 1340 Community Park Dr. Columbus, OH 43229. Or, you can pay via credit card at xenos.org/epic. 
  • Email questions to epic@xenos.org 

T-Shirts! (Sold for $15 a piece. You can buy one while signing up for Epic, or individually by emailing epic@xenos.org)

More information coming soon.

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