Spare Time? Like Kids? Volunteer for the Discipleship Cafe!

We are looking for volunteers to provide childcare for the children at the Discipleship Café.

What is the Discipleship Café?
The Discipleship Café is being offered as a place for parents to spend time studying for teachings, cultivating discipleship relationships, and growing in their relationship with the Lord, while their children are being cared for by loving and attentive volunteers who have been background checked and screened.

When is it open?
Main Campus Café (1394 Community Park Drive, 43229) on Mondays from 9am until 12pm.
4th Street Location (1934 N. 4th Street, 43201) on Thursdays from 9am until 12pm.
The cost to parents is $4 for the first child, $1 for each additional child, which is for the whole morning. 

When are volunteers needed?
We are in need of volunteers at both locations. Volunteers can commit to as little as 1 time per month, up to 2 times per week, at the location of their choosing. We are asking for a minimum 3 month commitment.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone who loves kids! College students, young professionals, parents of young children, parents of elementary children, parents of older children, empty nesters, grandparents, etc.

XSI - One Week Away, ONLY 30 Volunteers Still Needed

We're counting week away and 42 volunteers needed. What are you doing July 13,th, 14th and 15th?  We could use you help! Parking and teaching assistant volunteer roles still need filled. Sign up today by checking out the different volunteer categories online and go to the “Click here” box to fill out the volunteer form.

Why would anyone give up their valuable time and energy to volunteer at the Summer Institute? Volunteer team leader, Kim Aebie, says, “There is energy and excitement when so many gather in the name of the Lord wanting to grow and learn how to share Christ's love with others. I wouldn't want to miss being a part of that!”

VBS Getting Ready to Welcome 400 Kids

Planning a week’s worth of snacks and crafts for 400 kids—that’s 2,000 snacks and 2,000 crafts—is just another day at the office for Xenos’ Vacation Bible School directors Kim Downs and Pam Kinlin. Kim says, “We start work in January for our big week in June.” They can pull off this feat because of the contributions of over 250 volunteers. Kim says it’s a great demonstration of the Bible’s portrayal of Christians being the body of Christ. “So many come together with their different gifts like music, crafts, games and teaching. Together it makes for an amazing experience for kids who take part.”

This year VBS runs the week of June 20th. The volunteers include 150 students—5th grade through college—many of whom were personally impacted by the message of God’s love through VBS when they were little. Kim says, more and more, these students are taking responsibility for the areas in which they serve.

Xenos Elder and Author Publishes Book on Hebrews

by John Ross

The book of Hebrews has been misinterpreted by young Christians, twisted by scholars and touted by legalists. But, when properly understood, it provides key links between the Old and New testaments and rich insight on God’s grace.

That was the thinking that fueled Liberation: Follow the Book of Hebrews into a Life of Radical Grace, the latest work by Xenos lead pastor Dennis McCallum, who tackles the letter in a new book available now in print and on Kindle.

“No book unleashes raw grace more than Hebrews,” says McCallum, whose other books include Satan and His Kingdom, Organic Discipleship and Members of One Another. “How ironic that it's often viewed as a storehouse of proof texts for legalism and threats about losing your salvation.”

People Reached in Ethiopia

In March, the Leffels and Glovers visited Lou and Genet Kassa, our global partners based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Kassas moved to Ethiopia in the fall of 2013. Lou and Genet have done an excellent job of leading, modeling and communicating the vision to reach Northern Ethiopia.

Leadership of the Bethel Church
(Temesgen, Achem, Lou and Wondem)

Under their leadership there has been a groundswell movement to mobilize a network of multiplying home churches. Every individual we spoke with is excited about reaching the lost, discipleship and planting house churches.

Since Lou and Genet’s arrival 21 house churches have been planted bringing the total to 32 in 12 different cities. The geographical area these groups cover continues to expand as well. In view of this, they plan to mobilize 6 church planters to strategic centers where they can continue to develop a network of house churches.

The last 6 months have brought about significant developments in student ministries. Lou along with one of the elders, Wondem, from Bethel church had the opportunity to speak at 4 large universities. They spoke about their vision to remove Amharic and Tigray people from the list of un-reached people groups. Many students were excited about the vision and committed upon graduation to reach northern Ethiopia for Christ. Please pray for Lou and the others as they provide the necessary equipping for these students. Lou and Wondem believe it is possible for dozens of graduates each year to be mobilized to various cities and villages in the north.

Help Win Young Hearts to God's Kingdom

VBS draws hundreds of young children to Xenos each summer and many of them hear about God for the first time. In 2016, VBS will be held June 20th - 24th. Many volunteers (adults and students) are needed to help this event run smoothly. Interested in helping out? Contact

There is a mandatory VBS Volunteer meeting on Monday, May 23rd from 7-8:30 pm in the Main Campus Cafe (1394 Community Park Drive, 43229).

If you have musical or dramatic talents and you're a student going into 6th - 12th grade in the fall, you may want to try out for the Music or Drama team. Music tryouts will be held on Saturday, March 12 at 1 pm at the Main Campus Cafe (1394 Community Park Drive, 43229). Tryout packets are available at the Study Center (1340 Community Park Drive, 43229). Drama tryouts will be held on Monday, March 14 at 3:30 pm at Calumet (2774 Calumet Street, 43202). Tryout packets are available online at  

Valentine's Advice from Marriage Mentors

This Valentine’s Day, what’s the best way to love your spouse? Couples participating in Xenos’ Marriage Mentoring program give us some advice.

Tammy Boone says it comes down to the Bible’s basic call to faithfully serve each other on a daily basis. She says young couples in particular are facing the stress of trying to lay aside their selfishness, and deal with their new spouses weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. Putting their energy toward this positive goal of practical love is essential and constructive.

She also says having fun together and approaching their marriage with a sense of humor will help make their marriage one of the best human relationships they can have.

John Cleary and his wife Jill, also serve as marriage mentors. John says the best marriage builder is extending graciousness toward your spouse. His advice for a great date night—“Don’t fight!” He says he and his wife Jill have developed a new practice, when discussions start to turn into unproductive disagreements. “We raise a glass and say, ‘Here’s to changing the subject.’” 

So this Valentine’s Day, in addition to the roses and chocolates, give your spouse the gift of loving service and gracious forgiveness, and enjoy your time together. 

New! XSI Online Registration Changes

Change is good! The Summer Institute will have new processes for 2016! You will notice a new online registration system through Eventbrite. Registering for the conference is much easier for you as an attendee and this system will make event management more streamlined for our staff. So everyone wins! 

Additionally, this year attendees will be asked to register for breakout sessions. How does this work? When you register to attend the Summer Institute, sometime in April you will receive an email prompting you to create an account through Once you create an account, you can select which workshops you want to attend and email them to your friends to coordinate attending together. It's all mobile friendly, and if need arises XSI staff can email you if your workshop changes location!  Summer Institute staff hopes by knowing breakout session attendance in advance, it will help ease the over-crowding in the classrooms.  


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