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Xenos Preschool has Openings for the Fall

If you've considered sending your child to preschool, there are openings in Xenos' preschool program at both the Calumet (2774 Calumet St., 43202) and North (1390 Community Park, 43229) campuses.

Both locations have openings for their 2 day (Tuesday/Thursday) programs. Students must be 3 years old by September 30th. North Campus also is accepting students for its 3 day (Monday/ Wednesday/Friday) or 5 day programs. For these, students must be 4 years old by September 30th. All programs are half day morning programs.

You can learn more about the programs at or by calling 614-261-8136. If you'd like to register your child, go to

For additional information, please call the Calumet office at 614-261-8136.

New This Year: Summer Institute App

The Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) is introducing a new way to get conference information and updates to those attending. Instead of relying exclusively on printed papers in folders, you can get all those details as well as up-to-date information on a new phone app

Over the last few years XSI staff has noticed a decline in the use of the conference folders. Last year, about half of the folders were not used. The phone app provides a modern solution that also saves money.

Now instead of receiving (and possibly losing) a folder with conference information, you can get up-to-the minute details through this app. Some folders will still be available for those who prefer a hard copy.

Through the app you can find all the information you are used to finding in the folder--breakout locations, maps, schedules, and how to text in questions for the moderated Q&A sessions. And while the folders have had information on different ministries like India Gospel League and Mercy Medical Center, the app will allow you to interact more thoroughly than a brochure allows, taking you to their websites.

One of the best features is quick access to information about the breakout sessions you have scheduled through Sched. The app also allows organizers to quickly notify people if anything changes during the conference, or if they need to make a major announcement.

To get the app, follow this link: The app is free. And for more information about XSI go to

Xenos Hosts Nationally Known Conference in a Few Weeks

It’s a popular conference, bringing in nationally known speakers and equipping hundreds of Christians from around the world during its yearly run. And for folks in Xenos it’s not only convenient—happening at Xenos’ main campus—but is also extremely affordable, with Xenos members paying $20 or less to attend.

It’s the Xenos Summer Institute (XSI), running July 11-13. This year’s title is “The God Who is There,” which honors the 50th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s classic book of that title, and captures the conference’s theme of Biblical apologetics.

Xenos Equipping Director Pat Reeder says the elders picked this theme in part because of the availability of the main speakers—J. Warner Wallace and Sean McDowell, both of whom specialize in Biblical apologetics. Wallace is a former homicide detective who went from being an atheist to a committed Christian after investigating Christianity’s claims. McDowell is the son of Josh McDowell, and has taken up his father’s work of investigating and communicating a defense for the Christian faith.

Registration Now Open for Summer Classes

This summer is a great time to further your knowledge of the Bible and your ministry skills. Registration is now open for summer quarter classes, including basic and advanced equipping classes, as well as helpful elective topics.

You can see a full list of classes at Most classes start July 18th, although there's a Saturday morning Christian Growth class that starts June 30th and a Christian Leadership 3 class that starts July 7th (both with childcare).

Included this session are two helpful 5-week classes: Women in Marriage and Men in Marriage. Find a friend and take a class together!

VBS Getting Ready to Roll

In a couple of weeks Xenos will be hosting over 300 kids for a week of fun and meaningful activities—Vacation Bible School (VBS), which runs June 18-22. Sir Finn, the Dude of Pismo Beach returns as this year’s theme, and VBS Director Claire Howard says the focus of the week is God’s character and attributes.

The week is filled with music, skits, art activities, and games. But Claire says the kids also really love the Bible teachings they hear—whether they’ve heard teachings in the past or they’re new to the Bible.

Claire says, “It’s amazing to see the excitement and joy in these kids as they learn about God. For some kids, it’s the first time they’ve heard about God—they hear for the first time that they are deeply loved and cared for by God, who is seeking them out.”

Xenos Team Returns with Good News from Africa

A group of leaders from Xenos is just back from a trip to the African nation of Côte d'Ivoire, and, despite difficulties and persecution, reports continued growth among a network of house churches there.

Xenos elders Scott Risley and Jim Leffel, along with Linda Leffel and Mike Woods, spent 7 days there, training and encouraging 50 people who are working as church planters. They returned with amazing stories of God reaching into the heart of this country that for years has seen intermittent civil war, government instability, and ethnic tensions.

The team reports there are now over 700 home churches spread across the country. And God continues to open the hearts of influential village chiefs. The Xenos team reports “Chiefs continue to turn and follow the Most High God, which opens the door to many in their villages to come to know Christ.”

Here is more from the team’s report:

In many areas where home churches are growing; there is some kind of instability, poverty, or persecution. Believers may face being ostracized or persecuted by their village communities, where most people are animists or Muslim. Looking around at the church planting leaders we met with, our team was really humbled by their stories of faith under fire during the most recent civil war, trying to maintain their ministry as wanted men.  These believers are courageous, committed, and completely unwavering and the work of God is prospering under trials.

Get Expert Help Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Meet the challenge posed by internet dangers with help from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office ICAC Task Force. Detectives will present an internet safety program at Xenos on June 20th from 7:00-9:00 pm. It's open to anyone, but could be particularly helpful for parents and those who work with young people in their ministry.

During this presentation, you'll get the opportunity to hear some task force undercover detectives speak about recently sentenced cases they've investigated. They'll cover internet safety, sexting, and the dangers presented by online predators and social media. They'll also discuss how to report situations that concern you, and how to preserve evidence if you suspect your child has been exploited online. And they''ll help you know how to prevent your child from communicating with predators in the first place.

Renegade Camps Need Your Help

You can help make this summer special for local kids in low-income neighborhoods by volunteering to help with the upcoming Renegade camps. There's a music camp that runs the week of June 11th and a sports/arts camp that runs June 25th.

Jenna Herron is organizing volunteers and says there are a lot of different volunteer positions, so you can find a role that is right for you. They need people to lead groups, teach different skills, and--what she says is their biggest need--drive kids to and from camp.

Both camps feature Bible study, breakfast and lunch, and a chance to build friendships with their peers and with the mentors with their group. The music camp offers group singing and the chance to try different instruments, and the sports-arts camp offers the chance to learn sports skills and work on art projects.

You can get more information at this link and can email your questions to Jenna at

Spring Fling Raises over $1000 for Aid Fund

Each year Xenos Schools host the Spring Fling, a fun run that raises money for the Humanitarian Aid Fund. This year the run raised $1150 for the fund, with 107 kids and adults participating.

The organizers want to send out a thank you to organizations that donated prizes for the top runners and team leaders. Those included CAPA, which donated tickets to CATCO and the Ohio Theater Summer Movie Series, and Vertical Adventures, which donated free rock climbing day passes. 

Volunteer for XSI and Register for Free

Sign up to volunteer at the Xenos Summer Institute and we will register you to attend the entire conference for free!

The XSI volunteer recruitment season starts this weekend, May 13th. It takes over 400 volunteers to fill hundreds of shifts and we need your help make this conference run like a well-oiled machine. Ellin Granger has been a walk-in registration volunteer for 15 years and says it’s pleasant work. “I enjoy meeting the visitors and have stayed in touch with some of the out of town people for several years.” 

It’s easy to volunteer. Simply go to the Summer Institute section of the Xenos website, click on the “volunteer” button, find a role you like, and sign up. You will also see which home church spheres will be at each satellite location to help you decide when and where you want to volunteer.

Volunteer Joel Knapke oversees the workshop teaching assistants. He says he does it “because there’s an awesome sense of satisfaction that comes from doing the work that makes XSI happen and keeps it inexpensive to attend. Being able to support an affordable, major equipping event for our church and other churches is quite rewarding.”  Join Joel, Ellin, and many other volunteers to make this an amazing event. 

The Xenos Summer Institute is July 11-13, and this year’s theme is The God Who Is There with key speakers J. Warner Wallace and Sean McDowell. There will be a variety of breakout sessions offering a wide range of appealing topics.