New This Year: Summer Institute App

The Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) is introducing a new way to get conference information and updates to those attending. Instead of relying exclusively on printed papers in folders, you can get all those details as well as up-to-date information on a new phone app

Over the last few years XSI staff has noticed a decline in the use of the conference folders. Last year, about half of the folders were not used. The phone app provides a modern solution that also saves money.

Now instead of receiving (and possibly losing) a folder with conference information, you can get up-to-the minute details through this app. Some folders will still be available for those who prefer a hard copy.

Through the app you can find all the information you are used to finding in the folder--breakout locations, maps, schedules, and how to text in questions for the moderated Q&A sessions. And while the folders have had information on different ministries like India Gospel League and Mercy Medical Center, the app will allow you to interact more thoroughly than a brochure allows, taking you to their websites.

One of the best features is quick access to information about the breakout sessions you have scheduled through Sched. The app also allows organizers to quickly notify people if anything changes during the conference, or if they need to make a major announcement.

To get the app, follow this link: The app is free. And for more information about XSI go to