People Reached in Ethiopia

In March, the Leffels and Glovers visited Lou and Genet Kassa, our global partners based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Kassas moved to Ethiopia in the fall of 2013. Lou and Genet have done an excellent job of leading, modeling and communicating the vision to reach Northern Ethiopia.

Leadership of the Bethel Church
(Temesgen, Achem, Lou and Wondem)

Under their leadership there has been a groundswell movement to mobilize a network of multiplying home churches. Every individual we spoke with is excited about reaching the lost, discipleship and planting house churches.

Since Lou and Genet’s arrival 21 house churches have been planted bringing the total to 32 in 12 different cities. The geographical area these groups cover continues to expand as well. In view of this, they plan to mobilize 6 church planters to strategic centers where they can continue to develop a network of house churches.

The last 6 months have brought about significant developments in student ministries. Lou along with one of the elders, Wondem, from Bethel church had the opportunity to speak at 4 large universities. They spoke about their vision to remove Amharic and Tigray people from the list of un-reached people groups. Many students were excited about the vision and committed upon graduation to reach northern Ethiopia for Christ. Please pray for Lou and the others as they provide the necessary equipping for these students. Lou and Wondem believe it is possible for dozens of graduates each year to be mobilized to various cities and villages in the north.

We conducted a weekend retreat for 18 of the key leaders in the Bethel Church. Each one of them is highly motivated and excited about planting churches. Please pray for their protection and that God will mobilize more workers for the harvest.

We all agreed, the vision of removing the Amharic and Tigray people from the list of unreached people groups, by God’s grace is in sight. The potential to mobilize a workforce throughout Northern Ethiopia is becoming a reality. Finally, please consider becoming a prayer and/or financially partner with Lou and Genet.

Prayer Support – email
Financial Support – They currently need $225 per month in additional support.