Joke and Nareth Visit Xenos - We Are One Family

For nearly 20 years, Xenos has enjoyed a partnership with Joke van Opstal and her Khmer staff at Hope for Cambodia's Children. Recently, they moved to become completely indigenous under the new name of Fountain of Hope.

We are grateful that God engineered this relationship, and that it goes far deeper than a normal partnership, we are family! So many of us in Xenos have met Joke, prayer for her and supported her. Her recent visit was a real answer to prayer with Joke and Nareth repeatedly talking about feeling encouraged in their time here.

A highlight during their five days visiting Xenos was the Evening of Hope event. Over 400 people came to hear a report on the amazing work God has been doing through the Fountain of Hope in Cambodia. Joke and Nareth shared stories of transformed lives and growth of new cell churches.

A silent art auction brought in $4,000! The Fountain of Hope staff are so grateful for Xenos' continued generosity.

Bunnath Nop, the other Fountain of Hope (FOH) co-director was able to call in to the Evening of Hope event via Skype. He was so excited to share his joy with us! Nareth also loves to tell people about FOH. He said a highlight for him was seeing all of the people who support FOH and the warm fellowship he had with people in Xenos. Joke was pleased that she didn't need to convince people about FOH, because they were already excited! 

Joke and Nareth were able to enjoy some meals with friends and also attend a CT, home church and cell group. It gave them a better understanding of how we do things at Xenos. FOH uses the book Organic Disciplemaking in their training and they appreciate the similarities in the way we do things and how we emphasize discipleship.

According to Joke, "We were so grateful for all the love, ecouragement and hospitality we received from our friends in Xenos! Thank you so much!"

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