The Warehouse Opens This Friday for Harvest Meeting

Praise God! What a blessing from Him and an answer to prayers - The Warehouse ​at Oakland Park, Xenos’ newest church site, ​has passed all inspections and will be open this Friday evening, February 27, for a College-High School Harvest Bash. There will be a later opportunity for adults to check out the new faciliy - details coming soon.

It is amazing to see what God has done in facilitating this development. Conrad Hilario, elder, remarked, "I am amazed by how fast this all came together. We made an offer on January 28, 2014 and completed a campaign and renovation - and now the building is done. God is great." Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer added that this is the fastest closing and finishing of a property Xenos has ever had. "We closed on the property on March 12, 2014. We have never finished a space in under a year. God closed other doors, kept us moving and then gave us this enormous opportunity. We are so excited to start bringing the new facility online."

Friday night's festivities for students will take place at the 4th Street Pavilion, 4th Street Study Center auditorium and The ​Warehouse, simultaneously. Not only will we be inaugurating a great new ministry space, we will​ also break new ground in technology. We'll​ "simulcast" live between the ​three venues in succession as two sites watch the other site celebrate church planting and new appointed leaders by church sphere​. The stream will then be switched to each site, in turn​.

After the big opening, several final touches on The Warehouse will be made before it can open as a full-time CT venue and coffee bar. There are refinements in lighting and sound systems to tackle, equipment still to be installed and finishes to touch up. One unique problem we face is the halted shipment and arrival of the 1,100 chairs ordered for The Warehouse, due to the on-going dock workers’ strike in California. This could push their arrival date as far back as June. We will rent chairs for short-term use and move chairs from the 4th St. site to start Central Teaching at the new location in the meantime. We would appreciate prayers for all the final pieces to come together before too long.​

Thank you for all your prayers and hard work up to this point in helping The Warehouse mission come to fruition!