Urban Concern's Lighthouse Group Reaching Youth in South Linden

Announcing a Quarterly Prayer Concert for God's Work in South Linden

On Sunday, November 3 from 6 - 7PM, Urban Concern is hosting our third quarterly prayer concert at the Harambee Community Center (1000 Bonham Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211).  Subsequent prayer concerts will fall on the first Sundays in February, May, August and November at the same time and place. 
We have so much for which to thank God.  New students are visiting Lighthouse every week.  Students are coming to faith in Christ.  And the students at Harambee continue to excel academically.

There is also much work to be done and a tremendous amount of spiritual opposition to the work of urban youth discipleship.

Thus, we are calling all students, parents, neighbors, volunteers and donors - even those who are simply curious or want to minister through prayer - to come together to learn more about the current state of the ministry and, most importantly, to thank God for what he has done and to intercede for the young people in our community.

By way of encouragement to pray, we've recently witnessed students leading others to faith in Christ at our Lighthouse youth meetings.  

A few weeks ago, three sixth graders prayed to ask God for forgiveness at one of the Lighthouse meetings.
During the small group discussion, it was pretty clear that A_, M_ and N_ had never made personal decisions to ask God for forgiveness through Christ. One acknowledged that she believed in God and thought that would be enough. Each of the girls were surprised that you could ask for God to forgive you and He would forgive you forever!
During the discussion, a Harambee student, Mohnaysia, shared her testimony and how she had asked God for forgiveness through Christ.  When one of the workers asked the girls if they wanted to pray, M_ practically jumped out of her chair! Each of the girls prayed to receive forgiveness through Christ.   Afterward, their joy and gratitude overflowed. One of the girls expressed that she wanted to tell her younger sister about it because she loved her so much.

Likewise the next week, an eighth grade student named J_, who recently received Christ at Lighthouse, and TJ, an Harambee graduate, helped lead their friend to Christ by sharing their personal testimonies.  M_  prayed, specifically asking God to make Jesus's death on the cross apply to him.  According to the leader of their small group, Mikael said he wants to attend Lighthouse regularly so that he can keep growing in his relationship with Christ. 
Praise God for young people like M_ and M_ who have received Christ!  Let's come together to pray for these students and others so that we may one day present them complete in Christ.

If you are interested in supporting us in prayer or finding out how you can get involved in serving our youth, please join us for our prayer concert at Harambee on November 3rd.  You can also learn more by visiting urbanconcern.org or by contacting Michael Larson  at larsonm@urbanconcern.org.