Study Center to Move This Month

The Xenos Study Center will likely be moving this month from Main Campus to its new location at the Warehouse complex. Depending on final inspections, the move is tentatively set for next week. If things go well, Operations Coordinator Steve Bauer says the new space should be open for use after the week of April 15th.

The main reason for the move is the need for improved staff space for senior leadership at Main Campus. The plan is to convert the current Office Auditorium to office space for senior leaders (several of whom currently have no dedicated desk space) so they can work together more easily.

The current Study Center will then be converted into a meeting space, replacing the space being renovated for the new leadership offices. The Office Auditorium is currently heavily used by several groups, and Xenos is working with those groups to accommodate their needs while the space is being renovated. The new auditorium space should be ready sometime in June, and Steve says it will be more conducive to event hosting than the current Office Auditorium.

The move will also accommodate the Study Center’s changing needs. The new study space will be more centrally located for Xenos’ diverse age groups--closer to campus, but not too far from suburbs. Equipping Division Coordinator Pat Reeder says it will offer the same warm atmosphere and resources. And he says it'll be a great place to study--"While the main area will be for quiet study, there will be numerous private study spaces to reserve for discipleship or other private meetings."

Thanks to a delivery service you'll still be able to pick up Study Center resources and materials at the Main Campus office as well as take make-up class exams there.

One of the big wins of the reconfiguration is the cost. Steve says they are able to cover expenses from cash reserves, with no additional debt being taken on to resolve a pressing need for staff space.