Junior High Cell Sees God-given Growth

Remember being in junior high? The social pressures, the sudden realization of not measuring up in all areas, over-confidence and self consciousness at war and more.

These are just a few reasons why leading a junior high cell group is not for the faint of heart. For those taking up the challenge, they say with God’s help, that they are seeing success and enjoying working with students this age.

Carly Chambers shares her experience in leading a junior high cell group, “Our group started off small. We had about four girls coming and only two who were really committed to being there. The other leaders and I prayed a lot for direction and wisdom for the group. To be honest, it was all the Lord who brought girls into our group through seemingly random circumstances.” They’ve now had over 15 girls coming out to cell group.

“The most exciting part is our core girls are getting to see for themselves how amazing it is to serve,” says Chambers. “Seeing their friends come to know the Lord through our group has been the most rewarding thing!”

Leaders Carly Chambers, Eva Nemethy, Marykate Kramer and Layne Morton say that the growth has come with a higher demand for careful thought and prayer. The leaders have enjoyed 1 Corinthians 3:5-9 with its focus on how God’s role is growing people. “We do have a role but we would be foolish to think that is our time and work that’s convicting these students. We are humbly amazed that God lets us and wants us to be co-workers with Him in this work.”

One of the many aspects of leading a junior high cell group that’s so encouraging is thinking of the eternal impact, “I thank God for all the work He has done and is going to continue to do in these girls hearts. How many more people are going to be impacted for His kingdom through these girls and this group? I am excited to find out in heaven!”

Please pray for the many junior high cell groups.

Cell groups are small groups of students (separated into boys groups and girls groups) in grades 6-8 that take place across the city. Students and leaders stay together usually for 3 years studying the Bible each week and attending Blowout every other week. For more information about Junior High Ministry at Xenos, go to http://www.xenos.org/jrhigh