Introducing Kids to the King

by Kim Downs

For a week in mid-June, our main campus auditorium was transformed into a medieval castle for Vacation Bible School. Excitement was in the air as 385 kids came to enjoy a week of music, drama, crafts, games and Bible teachings. We were thrilled to welcome 81 visitors and 75 Nepali children (some were visitors and some attend Xenos). Two Nepali girls loved VBS so much that they both rode one bike from Morse Road to get there. Our Oasis children made it possible for many guests to come by giving over $1,600 in their classrooms at CT!

We have had reports of 35 kids who prayed to invite God into their lives! Keep in mind, these kids are young and immature in their understanding of this decision, but we believe they have opened the door for Christ as best they can while availing themselves to the Holy Spirit's work in their lives as they get older. 

One boy (who was invited from the neighborhood around Xenos) not only came to VBS, but also prayed to receive Christ and is now attending a Xenos Backyard Bible Club and has come to CT! One guest learned what prayer was for the first time. He told his babysitter, "Today was the best day ever! I asked Jesus into my heart and God is everywhere!"  It is stories like these that motivate our volunteers to come back year after year.   

We are thankful for the 263 volunteers who made this week possible. It is exciting to note that around half of our volunteers were students! We couldn’t put this week on without them. An exciting development was that 16 of our student workers were Nepali. They had previously attended VBS and wanted to come back as workers. We were also thankful for our 125 teachers who did an excellent job sharing the message of the Bible in a clear and fun way. 

The theme this year was “Sir Finn, Dude of Pismo Beach.” Each day, the kids watched a hilarious drama unfold as “Sir Finn” and his bumbling companion “Sir Cumference” set out on an adventure to rescue a princess. Along the way Sir Finn taught everyone about the attributes of God. Kids and volunteers alike had fun dressing up as knights, kings, queens, princesses and surfer dudes. 

Kids also enjoyed singing their hearts out with the music team. A moment they won’t soon forget was when Bernie Deluca, dressed in full fire fighter gear, came into the auditorium with a water sprayer during the song “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.” The kids were pretending to be the flames in the fire when he surprised them.

Mark your calendar for June 15-19, 2015 when we will present "Macho Macho and the Island Disaster!" and teach kids that Jesus is the ultimate Superhero!