High School Retreats: An Opportunity for Fellowship

by Paige Winfree

The high school ministry is looking forward to hosting their biennial CT retreats this March. These retreats are an awesome opportunity for high school students to spend the weekend sitting under awesome bible teachings, engaging in deep fellowship with their friends, and building unity in their high school home churches.

Kelly McCallum, a student from South CT, was greatly impacted with the depth of fellowship she experienced at the last CT retreat: "The retreat allowed me to have the ability to grow in my friendships inside of my group and with those outside of my group!" The CT retreats are one of two trips that high school students can attend, alongside Epic (a weeklong summer camp).

The last CT retreats were a huge success. The high school ministry saw multiple salvations over the course of both retreats. Jake Shook, a student from South CT, was struck with the fact that both the students and the leaders get to learn together: "It brought to mind the fact that you're not too old or too young to learn anything related to God and that both young Christians and mature Christians can both gain knowledge out of the same teaching".

The high school ministry hosts two different retreats, one for the North CT students, and one for the South CT students.

The CT retreat for the North CT high school groups is March 6th-8th.  

The CT retreat for the South CT high school groups is March 20th-22nd.  

Both CT retreats will be hosted at YMCA’s Camp Kern. The retreat will cost $50 per student. The money for the North CT retreat will be due February 10th, and the money for the South CT retreat will be due February 24th.