High School Outreach Events a Sweeping Success!

On September 1st, instead of their Tuesday night teaching, South CT High School sphere held an an outreach event. Students were encouraged to invite their friends out to the occasion, which was held at Xenos Christian Fellowship’s new building, The Warehouse. The event was a huge success, with over 500 students attending!

Almost one and a half times the usual number of students came out, going from the normal turnout of 360 students to 520! “There were so many new people that night! I could tell because every seat in the auditorium was filled up for the teaching,” said a student in Tomahawk home church, Tylea Taylor. The 3,000 wings that were ordered from Roosters for the night proved to be extremely popular, and over $700 in voluntary donations were raised for Fountain of Hope (a ministry working with the poor in Cambodia).

Brian Adams, a leader in Moonbase high school group, explained, “It was cool to see so many people in one place. Normally groups leave to hangout separately after the teaching, but that night everyone stuck around to fellowship at the Warehouse, it was really fun. Kristen Burton ran the event and did an awesome job.” 

North CT High School sphere had a similar event on September 8th with food from Chipotle. Around 100 additional students came out (normal attendance is around 200 students and 300 were there) and over $400 was raised for Hope for Hilltribes (a non-profit working with the hilltribe people of Northern Thailand).