Coming Up: College Connections

At this stage in life, high school students are making very important decisions with their lives -- where they are going to go to college and what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. College Connection gives students a chance to see what God could have in store for them here in Columbus. “The second-time I ever came to Xenos was College Connection, and as a young man with a lot of plans for my life, God showed me the reality of His truth and how I could play a part in His kingdom in was the best decision I ever made for my life,” says Brian Adams, now a student ministries coordinator.  

College Connection is an event to allow upperclassmen in the high school ministry to check out the college ministry. For this week-long period (November 9-14), high school juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the college group and see what college ministry is like. This week usually consists of attending a home church, Central Teaching, and cell group. On Saturday, November 14, everyone comes to the 4th Street or Warehouse buildings and hear a teaching. This big meeting is very dynamic and exciting -- and there's free pizza!

Students can expect an amazing week of fellowship and fun. College Connection is one of the most dynamic and exciting events in our student ministry. They can expect to build new awesome relationships with more mature believers. They can see what a ministry house is like and decide whether or not they may want to live in one. They can expect to see God paint a vision for them of how they can be used in powerful ways by Him if they choose to continue walking with Him in college. God is doing amazing things in Columbus -- and we are blessed to have the chance to be a part of it!

Parents may be concerned about their students being around the "college" environment, but this isn't a campus party. The college ministry is very excited to welcome in high school students and do everything to accommodate them in a loving way. Often the biggest difference noted between high school and college groups is a bigger focus on deep relating. Parents can expect their students to have a lot of fun and be engaged on a deep level by people who care about them. If parents have concerns, they can always contact the leaders of their student's high school home church. If they need help contacting those leaders, they can contact Brian Adams at

Amanda Dean, who will be giving her testimony at this year’s meeting, says this about her experience with College Connection, “College Connection definitely made a huge impact on me. It gave me the opportunity not only to see what it will be like in the college group but also to be able to meet so many incredible people. I was blown away by how much the people in the college group cared about me and how much they were willing to do to get to know me. It is crazy to see college students investing so much into high school students! You don't see anything like that in our world. College Connection made me excited to transition up to the college group and gave me confidence that this is where God wants me to be.”