College Connection 2015: Incredible!

Over 1,800 college and high school students attended this year's College Connection. College Connection is a weeklong event allowing juniors and seniors in the high school ministry to learn more about college groups and college ministry. The events culminated in a large gathering at both 4th Street and the Warehouse on Saturday night for a teaching and food - over 251 pizzas were consumed!

Annie Knotts, a senior at Thomas Worthington High School said, "Through College Connection, I learned that God's will for people is amazing and He puts everyone where they're supposed to be. I see now how blessed our ministry in Columbus has been and how cool it is to be a part of something like this."

A student visiting Rohan home church shared that she had been scouted by a college in Vermont, had chosen a church and was planning to attend because the staff who visited her high school were so interested in her. After hearing Gus give his testimony at College Connection on Saturday, she felt, "It was like a slap in the face. I was like, what am I thinking? I had included God in my decision when I looked for a church in Vermont, but I wasn't making the choice with God in the first place."

So far, three salvations have been reported as a direct result of last week and more great stories continue to come up. Please pray that the hundreds of students who attended to fulfill their commitment to follow God in college.