XSI 2016: Engaging Topic, Great Teachers

Register today for the 2016 Xenos Summer Institute! This year’s theme, Love: The Mark of the Christian will offer plenty of take-home application for all who attend. 

Authors and plenary speakers Larry Crabb, Ajith Fernando, and Clive Calver will be presenting engaging material on the Christian Ethic of Love, Guarding the Truth, and Sacrifice Involves Dying.
The breakout session titles this year are equally intriguing and thought-provoking! By mid-April the list of breakout session descriptions and the schedule will be available online. The Summer Institute will be held July 13-15
New this year, you may reserve a seat to attend specific breakout sessions of your choice.  After you register to attend the conference, you will later receive an email from Sched.org asking you to create an account and register for breakout sessions. You can choose up to 6 sessions and change you selection up until June 13th.
There will be a registration check-in for breakout sessions. If the classroom has extra space, those who do not register will wait to be seated. By registering for breakout sessions, we hope to reduce some of the over-crowded classrooms and provide more elbow room for all!
To keep up to date on teachers, topics, breakout sessions and more, visit: