Window to Pledge is Closing Soon

We're seeking to complete our annual General Fund pledge campaign by the end of next week. We have to first cover the basic expenses of the church in order to fund increased work in areas like missions. If you haven't made or confirmed your pledge to support the ministry of Xenos, now's the time to do it. You can let us know your intentions at or email and staff can help you.

At this point in the giving campaign, over $7.9 million dollars has been pledged, allowing the base budget to be covered and reaching into the list of discretionary projects. You can see an up-to-date picture of discretionary project funding here. At this point, $128,000 in increased and/or new pledges would cover all the ministry initiatives that have been proposed.

Why should you confirm your pledge? Over 800 households have not confirmed their pledge that rolled automatically over from last year. Even if you are just rolling over your pledge, it's essential to confirm the amount for a couple of reasons. For one, it's important to bring your giving commitment before God and consider it each year. A few years ago founding elder Gary DeLashmutt shared that he had been rolling over his pledge for a few years, and that, for him, it was time to reconsider and adjust what God would have him give. And practically speaking, by actively confirming your pledge you give the church's leaders the opportunity to move forward in confidence on some pressing expenditures.

As you consider your pledge, please consider an increase, as your finances allow, since each year costs unavoidably rise. As you might expect, there are normal increases in the costs of health care and contracted services.

The deadline for the current campaign is February 18th, but the sooner your pledge is in or confirmed, the easier it is to move forward on this year's ministry.