Volunteer Spotlight: XSI

With over 4,200 in attendance and 4 satellite locations, the demand for volunteers at Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) is higher than ever. XSI is in constant need of willing people to serve behind the scenes and make this conference effective for equipping Christians at Xenos, across Columbus and around the world. 

Why would anyone give up their valuable time and energy to volunteer at the Summer Institute? Kim Aebie says, "There is energy and excitement when so many gather in the name of the Lord wanting to grow and learn how to share Christ's love with others. I wouldn't want to miss being a part of that!"

Kim Aebie and Melanie Harvey have been XSI volunteers for the last decade. Originally, Kim volunteered to meet a requirement, but has returned year after year because she enjoys, "being a part of helping our fellowhip host this huge event. What I like most about volunteering is the people," Kim said. "Working the registration table, I love meeting and welcoming folks from outside our fellowship. I also get to meet folks I don't know who are part of Xenos." 

"I think you might be missing out on how amazing XSI is if you don't volunteer," said Melanie. "When you work at XSI, you get to see a new aspect of what God is doing by being an integral part of it."

Kim couldn't agree more, "I would definitely recommend volunteering for XSI," she said. "Not only is it fun and a chance to love others, but many hands make light work."

Melanie thought volunteering was intimidating at first, but soon found that it "wasn't very complicated." As one of the snack bar coordinators, Melanie appreciates the ability to serve the larger conference. "I know how many moving pieces they have to take care of, and I thought, well, maybe it's not just keeping the pop cans moving, maybe it's about making the load easier for the my friends who are working so hard to make the Institute a success."

Over 450 volunteers are needed. Why not sign up with your home church or your family? Visit /xsi/volunteer-options to sign up! This year, volunteers will receive $10 off the adult full conference registration fee.