VBS Getting Ready to Welcome 400 Kids

Planning a week’s worth of snacks and crafts for 400 kids—that’s 2,000 snacks and 2,000 crafts—is just another day at the office for Xenos’ Vacation Bible School directors Kim Downs and Pam Kinlin. Kim says, “We start work in January for our big week in June.” They can pull off this feat because of the contributions of over 250 volunteers. Kim says it’s a great demonstration of the Bible’s portrayal of Christians being the body of Christ. “So many come together with their different gifts like music, crafts, games and teaching. Together it makes for an amazing experience for kids who take part.”

This year VBS runs the week of June 20th. The volunteers include 150 students—5th grade through college—many of whom were personally impacted by the message of God’s love through VBS when they were little. Kim says, more and more, these students are taking responsibility for the areas in which they serve.

Many of the children attending are deeply affected by the week’s basic message of God’s love for them. As someone who received Christ as a child Kim says she really wants volunteers and parents to understand the impact VBS can have. “I received Christ in 4th grade, with the help of a woman who I never saw again. But I clearly remember the day, and had my life changed eternally that day.”

“The week is more powerful than a lot of people realize, as kids experience the power of the gospel and God’s love for them,” Kim says. “Great Christian leader D. L. Moody once said, ‘If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.’”

VBS includes classrooms for Nepali children. Last year 50 Nepali kids attended. This year these classrooms are being staffed primarily by Nepali Christians, which allows them to share the gospel in a way that makes the kids feel at home, and allows the Nepalis to take more ownership of the week.

One thing that makes the Xenos VBS unique is the fact that its curriculum, skits, and music program were created by people in Xenos, instead of using a pre-packaged program. And judging by the 400 singing, cheering, smiling and laughing kids taking part, including dozens who ask God into their hearts each year, it’s a big success.