Valentine's Advice from Marriage Mentors

This Valentine’s Day, what’s the best way to love your spouse? Couples participating in Xenos’ Marriage Mentoring program give us some advice.

Tammy Boone says it comes down to the Bible’s basic call to faithfully serve each other on a daily basis. She says young couples in particular are facing the stress of trying to lay aside their selfishness, and deal with their new spouses weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. Putting their energy toward this positive goal of practical love is essential and constructive.

She also says having fun together and approaching their marriage with a sense of humor will help make their marriage one of the best human relationships they can have.

John Cleary and his wife Jill, also serve as marriage mentors. John says the best marriage builder is extending graciousness toward your spouse. His advice for a great date night—“Don’t fight!” He says he and his wife Jill have developed a new practice, when discussions start to turn into unproductive disagreements. “We raise a glass and say, ‘Here’s to changing the subject.’” 

So this Valentine’s Day, in addition to the roses and chocolates, give your spouse the gift of loving service and gracious forgiveness, and enjoy your time together.