Upcoming Class Looks at Christians in the Workplace

Xenos is offering a 5 week class this January on a very relevant topic—“Being a Light in the Workplace.” Adam Spitznagle is teaching it, and shares with us his thoughts on the need to explore this subject.

The average person will spend over 60,000 hours working in their adult career. That much time naturally prompts several questions:

  • Is work a negative consequence of the Fall?
  • Does God really care about how I spend my time at work?
  • Does God have good plans for my time and energy at work?
  • How can God use my work to refine my character?
  • Is this high amount of time “wasted time” for the Gospel and the Great Commission?
  • How can I approach my work so that I am integrating God’s radical gospel?

“Being a Light in the Workplace” seeks to answer these questions and equip us with key elements to incorporate God’s Kingdom Work into our daily work.

In order to achieve this, God will raise our awareness of key needs that we will explore in the class. We need to have a deepening understanding of God’s amazing grace toward us. We need to have a solid vision of the Great Commission and how God wants to weave it into our lives. We need God to help us to understand the landscape of our culture. We need to endeavor to be safe people to our co-workers who are far from God, and we need God to equip us with skills and strategies to build meaningful relationships with our co-workers. We need to be aware of the common barriers to people being open to spiritual conversations. We need God to refine our understanding of work and how we can bring glory to God thru work. We need to believe that since God has "put eternity in their hearts" we can be a part of His divine erosion plans of drawing people to Himself. We need God to empower us to effectively share His word, His worldview, and His gospel of grace to the people we interact with on a daily basis.

As we grow in these key needs, God will expand our ability to see the world the way He sees it, listen effectively to our work colleagues, serve in ways that meet true needs, and embrace eternal values that will help bring people closer to God. This in turn will allow us to be faithful and faith-filled evangelists.

The class starts January 8th. You can learn register at xenos.org/classes/register.