Summer Institute Keeps Growing!

"Amazing!"  "Inspiring!"  "We'll be back next year."  These are just some of the comments we heard from those of you who attended the 2014 Summer Institute in July.  

Approximately 3,800 people attended Wednesday evening's plenary session to hear Lee Strobel and Jim Leffel! The 2 weeks following the Summer Institute the Xenos office had record telephone and online orders for the conference teachings. One gentleman called from the state of Delaware to order the entire conference! He shared he happened to be in Columbus during the conference and decided he and his pastor friends would stop by and attend. This year's Summer Institute topic, Evangelism was just what God had been placing on their hearts for their congregations. They want them to listen to all the teachings!   

What a great conference! The information has been very practical and easy to apply to our everyday lives. If you were not able to attend or missed a breakout session you really wanted to hear, you can listen online. You can order DVDs of the plenary sessions by contacting Julie Beal at