Summer Institute 2015 - the Challenge and God's Victory

by Keira Williamson

Bishop Timothy Clarke knows how to excite people for God!  His presentation was electric with his passion for the Lord! 

With over 3,400 people in attendance at this year’s Xenos Summer Institute, it didn’t come together without great dependence on God and overseeing a few challenges. We had 2 key speakers and one workshop teacher cancel. Attendees got to hear encouraging teachings on the topic of Heaven, end times, and having an eternal perspective. With six plenary sessions and 70 workshops, it was hard to find a teaching that didn’t hit home! From evangelism, to finances, to discipleship, and to perspectives on suffering, each workshop reflected how Heaven enables us to live a victorious Christian life. Popular workshops included Randy’s Newman’s three-part evangelism workshop, Dennis McCallum’s Simple Living workshop, and Conrad Hilario’s Spiritual Discernment workshop. If you missed out on any of these teachings, they can be found on the Xenos Website.

Even though many of the workshops and plenary sessions were crowded with Xenos members and students, over 300 adults and students from outside churches came to the Summer Institute. Naomi Krzyzaniak from Hopevale Church in Michigan said, “My first experience with Xenos and what a whirlwind of activity! I wasn't sure what to expect and I can honestly say, I was much impressed. I found the presenters to be genuine and transparent in their willingness to let us in to observe their grief. It was encouraging to get some insights into navigating the tougher paths on the journey ‘home’. There is so much more I could say, but just an overall sense of excitement.” Praise God that more and more people outside of Columbus are hearing about the Xenos Summer Institute and are coming to be equipped!

If you missed any of the plenary sessions, they are now available on our Summer Institute YouTube channel! Watch what you missed, rewatch what you loved, or browse from over eight years of Summer Institute videos!

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