Special Series in New Year Addresses God's Answer to Social Disunity

Above the NoiseStarting January 5th, Xenos will be offering a special series at all adult Central Teachings called "Above the Noise." The series will explore God's perspective on loving those with whom we disagree, and His strategies for promoting true peace--in our community, our relationships, and even in our own hearts.

Four teachers will be presenting, rotating among Central Teachings at Main Campus, the Warehouse, and 4th Street locations. They include:

  • Gary DeLashmutt: While our culture offers a sense of freedom, God offers true freedom to love others, including those with whom we disagree.
  • Mike SullivanJesus offers a foundation for authentic community that can overcome what pulls us apart. 
  • Ryan Lowery: While our culture is divided, the gospel offers hope and promotes the true value of all people, no matter what their views.
  • Jim Leffel: Our current culture leaves many adrift in an ocean of choices, without purpose, But God offers eternal purpose in Christ, allowing us to make sense of our lives.

Please consider inviting a friend or family member to this relevant series. You'll find printed invitations at CT meetings this month. You can see a schedule of topics for your particular Central Teaching at this link.