Spare Time? Like Kids? Volunteer for the Discipleship Cafe!

We are looking for volunteers to provide childcare for the children at the Discipleship Café.

What is the Discipleship Café?
The Discipleship Café is being offered as a place for parents to spend time studying for teachings, cultivating discipleship relationships, and growing in their relationship with the Lord, while their children are being cared for by loving and attentive volunteers who have been background checked and screened.

When is it open?
Main Campus Café (1394 Community Park Drive, 43229) on Mondays from 9am until 12pm.
4th Street Location (1934 N. 4th Street, 43201) on Thursdays from 9am until 12pm.
The cost to parents is $4 for the first child, $1 for each additional child, which is for the whole morning. 

When are volunteers needed?
We are in need of volunteers at both locations. Volunteers can commit to as little as 1 time per month, up to 2 times per week, at the location of their choosing. We are asking for a minimum 3 month commitment.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone who loves kids! College students, young professionals, parents of young children, parents of elementary children, parents of older children, empty nesters, grandparents, etc.

What is expected of volunteers?
Fun: Volunteers are expected to have fun with the kids. Volunteers may be asked to play a round of “Duck Duck Goose” with a small group of children, or read a book with a youngster, or race toy cars down a ramp, or other similar activities. The goal is for the children to have fun.

Attentiveness: Children have many different needs. Volunteers are expected to be attentive to the needs. This may mean by comforting a child who is upset, or helping a child interact with another child. It may mean changing a diaper or offering a snack.

Safety: All volunteers are required to pass a background check and have a home church leader recommendation. Additionally, volunteers are to help children keep the children safe during the Discipleship Café.
Get started!
If you're ready to volunteer, you can fill out the application online at or contact Emily Sampson (