Special Meeting Planned for Parents of Incoming High-Schoolers

With spring comes the time when students involved in Xenos’ junior high ministry transition to high school groups. To prepare for that, each year high school leaders host an event for parents, to learn about the process and how they can help their students spiritually succeed in the high school years.

The meeting is Wednesday, March 14th at 7:00 pm at the Warehouse (600 Oakland Park Drive, 43214), and is for all parents of 8th graders in junior high groups. High School Central Teaching Leader Nick Hetrick says they’ll get an overview of the high school ministry and how it’s different from junior high.

At the meeting parents will be able to talk with other parents whose kids have already been through this transition. They can also meet with high school home group leaders, including ones from groups their child is most likely to consider. 8th graders will be assigned a specific home church to visit in early April, and then are free to try out other groups to see what’s a good fit. They have a few weeks to visit groups before making their decision.

Parents can be significant players in this process. Nick says they can encourage their kids to visit a high school group, even if they’re nervous, and then can help them process what they experienced: was the group they visited a good fit? What did they like or dislike about it? Parents can encourage their kids to pray for God’s direction in their choice, and allow them to spend additional social time with the high school groups outside the meetings.

The March 14th meeting is a great time ask questions about safety, supervision, and time spent at ministry houses. Nick says high school leaders hope to impress on parents how much they care about the students, and that they are eager to work with and get to know parents. He says they deeply appreciate parents who support the high school ministry, and their child’s involvement.

Nick says many of the home group leaders—now in college or early adulthood—committed their lives to Christ as high schoolers, so they know how crucial those years are. It’s a time when many students struggle spiritually, but Nick says involvement in a good high school group can provide them with an anchor to keep them steadier.

If you have a question about the parent meeting or the transition process you can contact Nick (hetrickn@xenos.org), Josh Benadum (South CT leader, benadumj@xenos.org), or Brian Adams (Student Ministries Administrator, adamsb@xenos.org).