New! Xenos App Now Available

Want to listen to high-quality Xenos teachings in your car, on a plane or while hiking in the woods? There’s an app for that!

The new Xenos app launched this week and is available for Apple, Android and Windows smart phones. It's also available for many tablet devices. To download the app for your device, go to

“The goal of this Xenos app is to allow people to easily find and listen to teachings. The app allows for simple downloading of teachings, stored on your local device, that can then be listened to even when WiFi is not available,” says Phil Franck, Division Coordinator, Support Services. “In addition, there is information available on upcoming events, news stories and contact information.”As teachings are added to the website, they will appear in the app as well,” reports Phil. “However, there are some teachings, such as Servant Team teachings, that may not appear on the app at this time.” 

While testing was done before the app was launched, improvements will be made on an ongoing basis. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, please forward feedback to Diane McGuire at