New! Breakout Session Registration for 2016 Summer Institute

You can now register for breakout sessions at this year’s Summer Institute!

When you register to attend the conference, you will be taken to to view workshop descriptions, days, times, and then make your selection. You will be able to share your schedule with your friends and change your selection until June 13th. Kim Van Keuls, Xenos External Relations Director, who oversees the conference commented, “We’re hoping that this new system will help eliminate some of the over-crowded classrooms we have during the conference. By knowing in advance how many people are attending a particular workshop, we will be able to schedule a classroom to accommodate that number.” 

In order to choose workshops, first you must register for the conference. Sched will not allow you to register for breakouts if you haven’t registered for the conference. There are a few hundred people registered so far! Plus, who wants to stand in line? You can register to attend today

“There are so many amazing workshops being offered this year that you might have a difficult time choosing. You can view the breakout session descriptions online to help you decide,” said Van Keuls. There will be a T.A. check-in at each breakout session. Those who haven’t registered for workshops will have to wait until all the registered attendees have been seated. If there is room, those waiting may then take a seat.

This year the Xenos Summer Institute, Love: the Mark of the Christian, is July 13-15. Key speakers are Dr. Larry Crabb, Ajith Fernando, and Clive Calver.