New Book from Gary on Colossians

"I have long loved Colossians as a concise yet profound summary of Paul's message about Jesus and the Christian life. It introduces spiritual seekers to what C.S. Lewis called "mere Christianity." It grounds younger Christians in their faith as they become familiar with its contents. Christian workers will derive lasting nourishment and motivation by memorizing and meditating on specific passages," Gary DeLashmutt states in his introduction to his new book on Colossians.

If you love Gary's teaching outlines that give you such a depth of understanding on the passage that he's covering, you will enjoy his new book, Colossians: Christ Over All; Christ in You.

James Rochford, Xenos elder, says about the book, "Gary brings to life the deep, timeless truths of the book of Colossians in a way that is simple without being simplistic. He captures the nuts and bolts of Christian faith in such a way that it will be accessible to the newest Christian but still nourishing and eye-opening to older believers. You could read this book quickly, but if you’re wise, you’ll read it slowly, giving it the close reading that it deserves, meditating and praying through these great truths about Jesus Christ."

The new book is available at the Xenos Bookstore and Study Center and is also available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions