Meet the Elders: John McKewen

In our Meet the Elders series, we’ve gotten to know many of the other elders including James Rochford, Scott Risley, Gary DeLashmutt and Jim Leffel. Now we turn to John McKewen, owner of a local investment management firm, leader of many financial stewardship workshops and elder.

John McKewen was raised in a Catholic home and found the idea of unconditional grace hard to understand. He came to know Christ in a Bible study that met in Upper Arlington in the early 1980’s. This group of friends met once a week to read and study the Bible. Gary DeLashmutt would come and teach once a month. John and his wife Jayne Ann wanted to continue being in a group that studied straight from the Bible so he and several others from the Bible study group ended up at Xenos. “I felt my questions about grace were best answered in the Bible and the way other Christians were living out their faith, and I saw that strongly at Xenos,” says John.

Over a series of years John became more and more involved in Xenos, “I was in leadership training in 1984 - this was a real turning point for me as I was challenged by Keith McCallum and Joe Guzzo to chose to follow Christ wholly. My wife was committed to following Christ earlier...and she prayed, prayed and prayed some more... The prayers of my patient, loving wife made a huge difference in the course of my life.”

Now having been a part of Xenos for over 30 years, John names discipleship and teaching of the Word as some of his favorite things about being a part of Xenos, “Xenos is about every member involved maturing, ministering and living out the Christian life together.” Along with his wife Jayne Ann, John has raised his family in Xenos. Some of his most loved memories with his family come from being a part of Xenos Christian Fellowship: going on retreats, camping and missions trips. He feels particularly impacted by what he experienced as a part of the missions trips, “Seeing the contentment in Christ in very difficult circumstances and the single mindedness in sharing the gospel with their countrymen has inspired and humbled me.”

In his spare time, John loves to hang out and travel with his wife, their kids and their families. They are always looking for new adventures and experiences. John also loves hiking, biking, swimming and cooking.