Meet the Elders: Jody Kear

As part of our Meet the Elders series, we would like you to get to know Jody Kear. 

Jody Kear has been involved with Xenos since 1981, when he first attended a Central Teaching at the church’s former location in the building 4 warehouse. “I first came with my friend, Jeff Gordon…I was a Christian who wasn’t in any fellowship, Jeff wasn’t yet a believer”, he recalls. “We were unsure of visiting a home church but wanted something more, so we started our own bible study. It grew from 5 to 15 or so people over the summer”. After visiting Dennis McCallum’s home church that fall, joining cell group in January and then being raised up to lead a home church with Jeff Gordon by May was an exciting time.

God has grown Xenos a lot since then, something that’s thrilled Jody to see.  He notes that as a church community, we have advanced from “a successful group of relatively immature Christians who interpreted their success as a reward for their own quality” to having “a lot more understanding about our limitations and the necessity for dependence on God.”

Being a part of the elder leadership team at Xenos has been both convicting and challenging for Jody, and he adds that the elders he leads with are all “awesome guys”. “I am always learning, always being reminded of important truths, and often get an opportunity to contribute. It’s the grace and mercy of God that is most important, but one of the ways He dispenses these mercies is through the other elders.”

Encouragement and support from his wife and friends in fellowship have also fortified a significant effect on his spiritual growth. “I wouldn’t be where I am spiritually without them,” Jody says. He and his wife Sue have led a home church together since 1984. They have three children: Danny (married to Corrine), David and Amy who are all involved in various aspects of leading the college ministry. "We are incredibly grateful for the impact of all our Student Ministries in the life of our children. They love God, have good friendships, desire to serve others, and are figuring out life."

Jody enjoys growing things in his spare time (like blueberries and perennials), in addition to roasting coffee, beekeeping and reading. 1 Peter 5:6 has been a verse he has meditated on for years, a reminder of who's in control and who he needs to live for.

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