Marriage Mentors Make a Difference

by Jackie Storer

The Xenos Marriage Mentorship program was developed in order to guide couples in fellowship into having a successful marriage while following God. Marian Guzzo, current administrator for the program, has been setting up couples with married mentors for about five years.

“We had the benefit of getting input from older believers,” and were able to gain a lot of wisdom and experience, Guzzo said. “It’s nice to have an objective place to go and to talk about the issues that might be stressing the marriage.” 

Tammy Boone and her husband, Matt, have been mentoring couples since 2006 and said, from experience, the first year of marriage can be difficult. “There are many changes and moving through the process of living a single life to a married life isn’t necessarily intuitive.”

Jamie Pannullo and her husband, Joe, met with their counselors four times before their marriage in April of this year and a couple of times afterward. She said they plan to continue meeting with their mentors as the years go on.

“I'm glad we were prepared instead of being limited to only learning from mistakes,” Pannullo said. “Having an open dialogue with my husband and mentors before [and] during getting married makes it easier now to be open about any issue that comes up.” The Pannullo’s mentors are in their home church, which Pannullo said is also helpful.