Make the Summer Institute a Success - Volunteer

Four-Hundred and Forty...that’s the number of volunteers needed to make the Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) run effectively.

The Summer Institute is July 13-15 and volunteering is a great way to get a picture of what God is accomplishing behind the scenes! You get to meet new guests who are curious about Xenos and how we do ministry and learn how God is impacting people’s lives with the information being taught! Volunteering gives you a vision of how God brings the Body of Christ together to serve in different roles to accomplish this one event. Margaret Lux, who has been volunteering for several years, put it this way, "I'm using my administrative gifting to its fullest. To be able to excel at a task feels great, but to excel at something that brings glory to God? There is just no better hight. The personal satisfaction that His wok is being accomplished, and I was able to help in such a direct way, is truly a gift from God."

There are hundreds of faithful volunteers who return each year to help out with XSI. As this conference continues to grow in numbers and satellite locations, more help is needed. Margaret said the reason she continues to volunteer is, "There is a need. And who doesn't want to be needed?! Knowing I can fill that need is very satisfying. God has used this role to bring me personal joy and fulfillment."

Thinking about volunteering? Margaret has some words of persuasion, "First off, join us, it's fun! Secondly, our volunteers are not just "nice to have," they are crucial! We need you! When you come on board, willing to do whatever is needed, working the hours and having a great attitude, you will be a blessing to others!" Plus you can sign up to serve with your friends. 

View the volunteer categories, roles, and availabilites and then go to the “click here” to fill out the form with your choices. Again this year, you can volunteer at multiple locations: Main Campus, 4th Street, and Warehouse. There are plenty of roles available throughout the week and varying time commitments. As an added incentive, adult volunteers get $10 off the price of the full-conference.