Legal Advice made Easy

By Gwendolyn Herrick
The vast majority of people who qualify as having low-income cannot afford to hire an attorney to get legal advice; but now they can!  The Xenos Free Legal Clinic provides free advice to low-income clients and shares the gospel message of Christ with them. In January of 2014, the Xenos Free Legal Clinic opened its doors in Reynoldsburg.
According to volunteer, Bruce Robinson, clients coming into the clinic generally are low-income members of the community who have pressing legal needs, but who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. While their needs are varied, the most common request is for estate planning. “It is very rewarding to see clients have their needs met by our see the obvious relief on their faces when they have received advice. It is equally rewarding when we see them praying with our volunteers.  Many of our clients leave our clinic with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation.” Robinson said.
The goal of the clinic is to not only serve the community by offering free legal advice, but also to share the gospel of Christ to those whom they serve. Volunteers begin their day by praying for God to provide them with what they need in order to better serve the clients.  When the clinic doors swing open clients are guided through the process of filling out paperwork, meeting with a paralegal and an attorney.  Lastly, volunteers ask clients for prayer requests and share the gospel.    
Since the clinic was conceived, God has provided both the mission and the means to make it happen. One particular instance demonstrates God’s involvement in the project.  When preparing to open the clinic, the issue of needing malpractice insurance arose. This was no small matter. Robinson recounts, “We pursued a couple of opportunities until finally, Caris Post, a volunteer attorney, met with a representative of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA). When the CBA representative learned about the Xenos Legal Clinic, she offered to provide malpractice insurance free of charge!”  
Sharing Christ in both word and action, The Xenos Free Legal Clinic can be found at 421 Lancaster Avenue in Reynoldsburg on the 2nd Monday of each month from 6-9 pm. For more information, please contact Margo Shaw at