Home Churches Follow Up on Vision Outlined at SOTC

Ryan Lowery outlined a vision for the church at the State of the Church meeting back in January. Home churches would look at the various phases of adult life and choose a ministry focus.

Darlene Allen, one of the leaders of the Allen Home Church, feels like she’s seen great fruit from her group’s decision to focus on IFI and Renegade. “Because there are so many diverse serving opportunities in these two ministries, we have seen most of our home church members eagerly volunteering to serve. People are serving together in new ways and it’s drawn us even closer together.”

There’s also been a real natural alignment between the elders’ vision and the direction the home church was going, “For our home church retreat topic in 2015, we did a series on If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat. I thank God that He orchestrated our 2015 home church retreat in just the right way to prepare us for future ministries He had in mind for us.”

The home church leaders first met with sit-ins, and then workers and then to the whole home church. “Everyone seemed to like the idea and having a choice from two ministries was a plus. We had several people who eagerly stepped in as “team leaders” for each ministry and could research, coordinate, train and pass on information to the rest of the home church.

It can be challenging choosing a ministry to focus on, but the Allen home church was fortunate, “We already had several people in our home church who’ve been involved with IFI for several years. They’ve shared the joy of serving students and have bonded with them, in some cases keeping a long distance relationship going via email and phone calls. And many of our home church members have teenage grandchildren, so the Renegade ministry was a great fit. We wanted to make a difference in the lives of students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and his message of grace.”

Please pray for home churches as they continue to select areas of focus and engage in new ministries.